Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Been a while...

Girly girl taught herself to ride. Typical. We have the bike for about a year, she wants the training wheels back on. She is afraid of falling. She can just ride Jesse's (which does have training wheels). A little air in the tires, a helmet that fits, a kiss and she's off. She is loving the freedom that comes from the wind on your face. Fast wheels, pedal faster. Try new things like standing up off of the seat or wiggling the handlebars. Go up little hills, go around tight corners, come to a screeching halt. It's all or nothing and today she's all.
What have I taught myself recently? How can I learn from this little girl? I take her apart and put her back together but she's always the same. Different. There is something I'd like to take away from her. A lesson, a habit, something that makes it all seem effortless. Just along for the ride, I'm sure to pick up something. Still can't think of anything I've taught myself recently. Did I learn from someone else instead? I don't always need to be just me, do I?
Mahalo for riding!