Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Boy

The boy got braces! It's been a couple weeks now and you can see his teeth moving. He says he's getting some on the bottom teeth so he doesn't end up with an underbite. I have concerns as his bottom teeth are perfect. Time to call and get the dental scoop. He is not minding them, does get some headaches once in a while, but overall he's taking them in stride.

This was one of those days when Jarrod and I had time together, alone. We ended up at Phyllis' for great burgers and shakes and a whole lotta fries. Even though he's used to my camera clicking at any random moment he wouldn't relax and just look directly at it. Oh well, this pic then truly represents him at that very moment. And I still got to take the pic. I'm the Mama, that's what I do.

Mahalo for making memories!

Happy Almost Easter

Technically, this was the day before Easter. Wendy came with me to hide eggs for the mothers club. But I overslept and we got there in time to....wait for the hunt to start! Oh yea, and I was fed by baby Violet, what a doll! Wendy was eager to help but didn't mind the wait. She gathered her eggs from the grass when it was time to do so (and that grass was cleared in seconds!). She wouldn't stand next to the Easter Bunny, not sure what's up with that, so I did and even had Wendy take my picture with him.
I am able to give each kid alone time outings and it's wonderful! Each acts so well when alone with me and we have fun, we connect and simply enjoy the time together. At the end of the egg hunt Wendy went in Daddy's car, Jesse came with me. It's all good!
Mahalo for egg-cellent adventures!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Can't you just imagine lying under the tree and taking a snooze? Ahhhhh, warm breeze, the smell of fresh fertile dirt, spring grasses. The sounds of birds, rustling leaves. A natural lullabye.

Unfortunately there's no alarm out there. I rely on my alarm every morning as I am NOT a morning person. The snooze button....ah, the snooze button. My friend. My enemy. If I hit it, it's never just once. I use the CD player instead of a buzz or the radio, but before the music plays I can hear it loading the CD so I awake not to music but waiting to hear the melodies. Sometimes Jesse says to leave the music on; love that.

I'm a napper, too. I've found that sometimes I simply can't go on and must lie down and shut my heavy lids. Thank goodness I get the time to do this. Then again, it's not good that I must do this. I know, I know, I should go for a walk, drink more water, exercise......puhleeze. Snooze.

Mahalo for dreamland!