Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abandonded for later discovery

The fence was pulled tighter with a new lock but the fence is bent so in we went.

Some old ideas of mine are reappearing in my thoughts. I am liking the way they feel, the comfortable knowing smiling settling sighing satisfaction. Don't look up until you're sure you can finish, otherwise nose to the ground, one foot in front of the other. Watch the dust, the rocks, the grass, your shoes, but don't yet lift your eyes toward to top. The sky will wait until you are ready, and when you're ready the sight you see will be meant for that time only. No repeats in days, only ideas reappearing in my thoughts.

Mahalo for the time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharing hair

Of all the kids, my youngest has hair most similar to mine. It's thick, wavy, and often in funky 'dos.

'At's my boy's hair!
Mahalo for redoing 'dos!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 to 1

The last 7 years have been focused around Wendy. Not so fun for the rest of us but worth it now. She is thriving in school, happy at home, finding her way. She had issues: communication, sleep, wetting the bed, trantrums, independence, too smart for us to know what she wanted. Now she's settling into a routine with school, on which she thrives. She has friends and keeps herself busy. She is creative (using our recycling to create a cell-phone holder, cards, houses, art, etc) and always happy to take over (her way of helping). She's been our One. Our struggle. She's still our One but this time she's crossed over. No longer a power struggle, her days are happier and freer.

The boys, my boys. They've been our saving grace during the years of struggle with their sister. Jarrod did mostly smooth sailing through school and summers, staying on track. Jesse was with me, happy-go-lucky in all aspects. They were our Two. The Two we didn't struggle with. But two major events happened for both boys; Jarrod started high school and Jesse started Kindergarten.

HUGE! A freshman and a school newbie. I had high hopes for my boys having watched them have fun and tackle subjects they needed to. But it hasn't been that way for them or for us. High school had football, classes criss-crossing campus, more homework, more time on his own at home, oh and a new girl friend. Ooops, that has all lead to his downfall. When football ended Jarrod had some grades to catch up. How he made it to the end of the season on the field I don't know, considering the grade averages were supposed to be monitored by staff. But he did make them up. Now they're back down. No sports this time, just time at home, time with friends, time with girl friend, time to think of ways to fake homework and learn to lie. He's not a good liar but I've not been wanting to force homework because I thought praise was enough. Nope. Be prepared my boy, you'll have no electronics and no friends for a while. How long until school's out? Oh and then get a job.

School newbie about sums up the issues for Jesse. By my side for 5 years we did not focus on learning, on writing, basic skills that are picked up in preschool. I didn't feel I could find work that would do more than just pay for preschool so when he was old enough to go to public school we ushered him in with high hopes. For the first couple months his days were "Great!" but then serious learning took over and tasks were assigned. Not his strong point. He wants to play and will fall out of his chair, claim to be itchy, whine about dropping his pencil, anything to not do the work. I don't give up during homework but at school there are not resources to focus on him so that he could learn to sit & do. At least that's not what Kindergarten is anymore. They push for skills that are still being taught in first and second grade. It's confusing! I know he can do the work but he's not always willing to actually let go of play to focus on "work". A half hour of sitting upside down, slipping to the floor, crying, whining, and in the end he does the work with a smile. Was that worth it? To me, yes, I want him to go forward in school. But repeating K is a discussion that's come up. To me that means one more year I have to shuffle kids to school. To him it means another chance. But where to attend, same school, follow his sister who will be back in the neighborhood in a couple years?

I don't like unanswered questions. I like to see a clear path. I like to know the options are easy to sort out. What will get the boys on track? And thank goodness all three kids are not driving us crazy at once!

Mahalo for time to figure things out!