Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday!!

Oh, how I've missed these past couple weeks! Just a wee peek at this things week. Next week, who knows? How funny, both Apron Queen and I started our first sentences the same!

Visit her blog and enjoy apron goodness and others' VTT collections!

Here are some pics of older books, the first is a collection of childrens' books, the other is adult paperbacks. I didn't have time to spread them out and show you their loving wear and sweet pics. A completely random book I picked up is "Financial Report and Report of the Comptroller of the Currency. 2nd Session. 41st Congress." It's dated 1869-1870 and was a gift from Congrss to University of California in 1883. Did you know there used to be two and three cent coins, some made of bronze? AMAZING reading! I love old books!

Isn't the little horsey just too cute? Looks like I need to rearrange these beauties. I shoved them up high in kind of a hurry to get them away...from you know who ;-)

Some of these have been well read, again and again. Others are in like new condition (except for the yellowing pages, of course). I have many "classics" that I make available to my kids.

Mahalo for literature!

I blame the cat

My piles of paper have fallen over. I blame the cat because he used the to get down from the window. Paper piles are not steps.

Well, the kids began school! I am THRILLED! They are happy with their teachers, their schools, we've been getting up timely in the morning, if not always chipper. The car broke down so we're walking which turns out to be an ok thing. Well, until tomorrow when it reaches over 100F. I'll blame the cat.

Here's my high schooler on his first day. Rush, rush, "I'm too old", no way, no standing for a picture but at least I got this one and was able to scrap it. My baby!! My baby is playing football for the school team. He told the positions he likes to play (I forgot). I have all the paperwork and dates but I'll ask him what's going on when he walks in the house, all the same. His girlfriend is going to another school so I wonder what will become of this 3 year off-and-on couple (he won't tell me so I have to wonder).

Hi, I'm blonde again! I found a box that was a one step process. Anything easy but does what I want? I'm on it! Plus, I thought the white hairs would grow in more blendy to blonde than a darker color.

The little ones having a brief moment of quiet and fun play. I worked for a friend and they came along. Good thing the job was at an indoor play place! Not to say they played all day, heavens no. That wouldn't be my kids (or any siblings, I suppose). Some old fashioned time outs, some talks, some separation, some taking things away, yea, it was what it was. Not bad ;-)

My youngest turned 5 years old! Wowzers, hard to believe he's not my huggy squishy kissy infant toddler anymore. Good thing, though, he is still the kissy and huggy part! He's in Kindergarten, doing his best to make everyone smile. He's not as far along as most kids in the class in writing or drawing but he's a smart kid. He will get things in his own time. The brain's working if not the fingers. He knows numbers, ABCs, and spells and reads a bit. It's going to be a year of real growth!

So I'm looking for a job. Got one for me? No babysitting, no sales, no corporate dress, no early, no repetitive work, no mornings or late nights, no dogs in the office, no sitting all the time, no long distance or travel. Is there anything left?

Mahalo for paychecks! for my layout details please!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Trying to appease two kids who clearly did not want to get wet by someone else's antics and yet loved squirting others, Mark took the hose and said "Ok, whoever walks over here has to walk through the waterfall." Wendy excitedly asks "The Waterfall of Doom?"

Jesse asked Mark "Do you want me on your team?" Mark replied "Yes". Jesse said "Ok, then beg for me to join your team."

Playing with his new magnetic car, Jesse says "His weap-abilities, meaning what his weapons are, are to be able to pick stuff up."

Mahalo for being a kid!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Green paw prints

Smudgy green paw prints all over our floors this morning. Hmmmm. When I got out of bed I heard a quieted commotion in the kitchen so of course the first thing out of my mouth is "No experiments!" You know the kind, where half your spices disappear in a wash of juice, fruit squeezings and ketchup. "It's ok. We're not doing an experiment." Then in hushed tones I overheard "I think we should tell Mommy the truth..." Louder: "Well, we only did one but we're cleaning it up right now." And so I arrive to the cleaned up area, having followed the path of smudgy green paw prints. Ok, not following exactly or I'd be dizzy; that cat gets around. The prints end at the carpet so either he walked lightly or wore most of the liquid off while skidding around the linoleum and tile. That's a good sign, right? So, was it that our cat is an alien with green blood and got a cut on his paw? Was it another cat all together, say a Leprecat? Nope, the experiment was the printing of the paws. I'm glad we don't let them play with electricity.

Mahalo for food coloring!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Scenes of the Jesster

Mahalo for the youngest! is where you'll find the details and designer names of the products I used in my digipages.

What a drag

So my youngest decided he's big enough to drag a chair over to the kitchen counter and get himself whatever he needed from the cabinet. WOW! Wendy has been doing this since she was...what, one? LOL! That's ok, Jesse comes into his own in his time. He can rattle off the ABCs, count, knows all numbers by sight (multi-digit), can do puzzles, plays games, etc. Last year all he wanted to do was play, play, PLAY! So a couple of months can do him wonders. I can't wait to see what he's like after Kindergarten which starts in 3 weeks. So he climbed onto the chair and got himself whatever, didn't put the chair back at the table but I figured for his first expedition that was fine. What heights will he reach in the coming year?

Wendy loves to draw. Sometimes she chooses to draw on paper but sometimes I am her canvas. Cool. It feels tickly to have the soft pen tips run along my arm, back, legs. She gets creative with whatever she's doing, adding water drips, makes "prints" onto paper towels. I get to be on the computer at the same time so it's win-win! She likes to lean on me and that can be painful when an elbow hits my shin bone but I wince and move her a bit, all's well. When she's done, she's done, no going back, nothing but pride over her work. She steps away and here I sit, decorated like a Xmas tree.

Jarrod grew, again. Went to Grandma's for three days and came back tallerererer. He doesn't have to stand on anything anymore to get stuff, in fact, I call him when I need something that I can't reach! But recently he wouldn't lend a hand. I asked him to climb into the pine tree to knock down some pinecones for a craft. Nope. Not going up, didn't even get three steps up the ladder before he came down and refused to climb again. So up I go, in my flip flops, hanging onto rough bark with my long nails, standing on the one branch Jarrod specifically said I should NOT stand on (you'll break it!). I bounced on the branch while he ran away but he came back when I asked him to at least pick up what I knock down. He told me he's running the story in his head, the one he'll tell the paramedics when he has to call 911 because I fell. That just makes me smile, because Wendy is just like me, part mountain goat. Mom won't fall, son won't have to weave a silly tale.

We took a 1 hour road trip yesterday and Jesse and Wendy didn't: scream, fight, throw, argue, cry, whine, hit, kick, or get sick! I was so impressed with this attitude (on both the ride up and back) that I took them cream when we got back! That's huge for all of us as I am not usually the sweet treat parent, but I just couldn't let my appreciation go without acknowledgement. I didn't promise anything for good trip, it just worked out that way.

Mahalo for new stuff!