Saturday, July 26, 2008

A view of my own

Sometimes I focus on the negative and scramble away from it. Other times my rose-colored glasses help me see the goodness that abounds. When I look through my camera I see what eventually ends up on my pages or printed on matte paper. I feel I have been given a special gift to find joy in these sights, to feel peace over a portrait or smile at a sunset. It's my personal view of what everyone else sees, but different ;-)

Mahalo for light and shadows!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Apronicity abounds! Please check out VTT's hostess site and enjoy the other VTT listers.

I am thrilled to be sharing the following with you! I found this set in my great-grandmother's apartment under my grandmother's house in SF. I loved them from first sight, have never used them but I do display them. I love the gentle sheen of pewter and have collected other pewter objects since these family pieces were found.

This set has clean lines with a couple of small embelishments. The cream and sugar (I assume) stack. There was no lid to the cream so I don't know if one is missing or not. The larger bowl has two small cherries on the lid, so cute! The tea pot has a wrap of some sort around the handle. It looks like a natural fiber but it's shiny or coated, but it's completely in tact. The bottom of each piece is stamped: Hanle & Debler - Distinctive American Pewter

This next piece almost looks to belong to the set but it doesn't. It's a heavier piece, no lip on the bottom, it has a spoon and natural form handle on the lid (is it an apple? a pomegranate? a persimmon?). The inside of this bowl and the spoon are both diveted and scraped but I don't know how or why. This one piece is stamped: Handmade Danish Quality Pewter Made in the USA, Queen's Art Pewter, Brooklyn NY. It is also number stamped: 135

Mahalo for mysterious memories!

Wearing white

I am so impressed with myself, wearing white tops and no spills, no stains, no smudges. Am I learning to eat with that big gap of drippy burger meals? Am I skipping by the joke glasses with the hole in the rim? Am I catching every last crumb, hoover maneuver?

Not sure what it is but my nails are also growing. Mine have white tips, once they pass the nail bed, and they're showing up pretty good right now. Perhaps they're happy with the gentle pressure of computer keys, perhaps not spilling is keeping them extra clean...

Ok then! That's enough of that! There are some things I am paying attention to but after they begin and while they continue to happen. I'm not foreseeing anything nor predicting but riding alongside myself staring wildly at whatever comes up, nodding my head, doing that frowny-approval-smile. Pretty cool, pretty clean, pretty white.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

So many wonderful VTT's out there. Yes, we vintagers find each other and spread the word!

Visit Apron Queen's site:

My stack of vintage suitcases make me want to book a cruise!

The cases have patinas both soft and warm. The subtle signs of use along with desination stickers and initials have me wondering where the cases have been, who they belonged to, what they carried. Oh the thoughts I can think!

They were all given to me by different people. The "Short Trip" travel case holds my maternal grandmother's jewelry and when I open it I smell the musky scent of her favorite perfume. I love this as I miss her very much.

The other cases I don't use to store anything, they are set about the house just looking good. I don't have their keys to the the locks but all the latches work. The blue case is in the best shape, even the fabric lining is in tact. The cream case is a hard shell (leather over wood?) and has no major damage on the outside although the handle's leather has been worn off a bit. It has a sticker from a travel line and the inside is less worn that the brown case. The brown case is less substantial overall, the top is weak and there is some wear on the opposite end from the handle. It is smooth to the touch but for the light weave that makes up the outer shell. I have no idea why it has the blue line painted on the corner. It does have a sticker that shows it went from London to San Francisco along with a very worn tag on the handle and a sticker from Hawaii.

Mahalo for memories held in luggage!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's gone

Vacation time away from me, he'll be back next week. I miss him yet I know he's having a ball at camp. I want to talk to him but I know he'll consider a call an intrusion. I want to know what he's up to but I know when he gets back I'll get an earfull about the nighttime kitchen raids, pillow fights, 12 hour pool days, and more. I'll keep doing pages and keep him in mind, in sight. Sigh. Then you know during his vacation stay with me I'll still be missing him because he'll be out and about. Sigh. Growing up.

Mahalo for distance making the heart grow fonder!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Aloha Daddy-O Gotcha

Aloha is such a good kitten! He puts up with the kids chasing him, Wendy carrying him, the No's, the adjustment to a new home. He's also quite funny. Here he is napping, his bum on the carpet but his head and front paws up on a bookshelf leaning against books. He wears himself out sometimes chasing mouse toys or getting skitterish and hyper, hopping sideways with his tail up, trying to climb the walls, maybe turning quickly running straight into something he didn't know was behind him. He is truly one of us.

My Dad. More to come on this man but I wanted to scrap one of the few more recent pics I have of him, this one being from 2003 (ahem). I had fun thinking about him and putting words down on this layout, thinking about the pieces of him and him as a whole. If I get a current picture (Ahem) of him (AHEM), I will definitely be doing more. Meanwhile I'll have to work off older pictures (AAAAAAHEMMMMMMMM).

Sometimes Jarrod acts as if he doesn't want his picture taken. I take this as a clue to work harder to capture him.

Mahalo for males!

Details are where? Scrapgirls, that's where!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Turned another corner

Ever have those moments in your life when you do something (good, great) that you thought you'd never do? Many years ago I left an abusive relationship, that was huge. I refused to continue another realtionshipo when it got (what I thought to be at the time) close to abusive and that was huge. I left a job from under an alcoholic, delusional woman without having another job in line and that was huge.

Today I stood up for myself against someone who, over the years, I have let get under my skin and I would feel small and powerless when things got rough. Today, not so much and that was HUGE! I feel like I stood up for myself. I didn't believe threats nor react to them. I protected myself. I didn't support any arguing and I moved swiftly to counteract. Afterwards I wasn't shaking out of control nor was I sweating or crying or feeling like I wanted to die to escape the situation facing me. I didn't stop myself from seeing the entire thing for what it was. I didn't stop myself from investigating what I needed to know in order to get to the truth. I did act. I did put a period at the end of the sentence. I also reached out quickly to friends for support. In one message I actually gave myself the support I needed by realizing further truths. I turned another corner on my road of this game we call life and I feel good about it!

Mahalo for forward movement!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who's the superstar?

Her outfit, her poses, all HER, baby!
Mahalo for dress up!

Meet Mr Fitchwicky

My youngest, in his early morning loud and energetic way, comes bounding over to me with a balloon left from his sister's birthday and says "Meet Mr Fitchwicky!" He sticks the balloon up to my nose and waves it. I pull back a bit and smile as I say hello. Then Mr F is walked over the art bureau and squeezed slightly. I wince at his treatment but he bounces back and he's off to the living room.

This little boy has always been able to get creative with anything around him. His hands do double jumps from the coffee table to the chair. A triangle shaped corner cut away from a paper project is a spaceship that jets down the hallway. His hands and fingers are cars, people, animals, trains and they move over, under, and through obstacles as he talks for them and makes those special young kid sound effects. When he does have a true toy in hand he studies it carefully and creates situations that may or may not be true to its theme but his stories are detailed and believable to anyone listening. He doesn't care if just the head of the lego character is all he finds, it's all he needs. It doesn't matter that a Matchbox is racing with a sticker, they both go as fast as he can make them go and you never know who will win the race.

We should all wake up to meeting Mr Fitchwicky and see things just a bit differently for a while!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

You can find more Vintage Thingies Thursday posts and apron goodness at:

Can you hear the music playing? Can you hear the hi-fidelity, the needle running over the grooves?

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

I LOVE records. I have my 70s and 80s from my childhood and have been collecting others over the years with interesting music and sleeves. Here are some that I had on our wall in the kids' play area.

And do I hear the music? You betcha! Can't have records without a record player and mine is a real beaut. It's a Telefunken (no, really!) It's slender and the perfect height with great legs and a shelf below the console. Check out all those buttons on the receiver and note it has AM and FM. And the turntable itself is something to behold, very sleek.

I am so thankful for the couple that gave this to us. Yes, it was a Craigslist freebie! They also gave us the original receipt. In 1965 it cost $595.00, so that's like a million dollars at today's rate! Well, almost, but it was high-end and I still treat it as such. Sure, my oldest son has to teach me how my cell phone works but I got to show him how to play some vinyl.
Mahalo for oldies but goodies!

Pulling out all the stops

All the stops, the stop its, the stopping me's. Those irritating little voices that ask what would others think and why be different. They need a good home, somewhere not in me. I've had enough of their back-talk, their guilt trips, their lowly thoughts and ugly accusations. Be gone!
So, here are some layouts I've been doing since I've begun to sweep away the blockages, the nay-saying no-gooders. I'm going with vision, heart, instinct, gut and relying on my inner artist to have freewill. I am by no means done with the cleansing so stay tuned for more on this

Mahalo for flow!
Just think of all the wonderful things you'll learn by going to my gallery:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Everyday nonsense

She found plates and containers in the garage, tanbark in the yard. Next logical step, pack the tanbark in the boxes, display on the plates, try to sell them. Yep, she was sure a passerby would pay $2.75 each. SURE.

Don't put stickers on your brother is what she heard from the day he was brought home. Ever since she's been putting stickers on her brother.
Everyday nonsense. Well, it's total nonsense to a certain girl's father that this certain girl is quite unique and regular everyday rules don't apply to her because she runs them over, squishes them, sticks out her tongue and then would do what she wants. No, no, no, it's special circumstances here for this little individual. Harder days and rougher nights not caused by a set of rules or by the keeper of the rules but by whatever little spark makes that little girl run. Makes her run, jump, fly. It's good that she is who she is but don't let the moments slip by without realizing that there's an asterisk floating above her head leading to the fine print of boundry enforcement, strict guidance, freedom to fly but with strings attached. There's no way you can compare apples to oranges, as the saying goes. Well, as that goes, so does this girl. Above and beyond comprehension if you're not paying attention. Now PAY ATTENTION so a certain girl's mother doesn't have to do it all alone!
Mahalo for grounding.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not going to happen

Nope, I'll never be a master of the kitchen. I don't have the will to read a recipe line by line. I don't have the patience to time making and baking different dishes for the same meal. I don't have the interest to whip, fold, or roll out. I won't dirty two bowls to make one item. If I am in there, that place where I like to set out my vintage monkey pod or grandma's pewter, I could be turning on the oven, putting in the food then I promptly walk away and forget it. Even if a timer goes off there's a likely chance I'm doing something more interesting and so the ding fades along with the memory of having even turned on the oven. I wash dishes. I set out nice looking towels. I wipe the counter. I put the dish soap into glass dispensers and find things to hang on the wall. That's my place in there, that's my reason for setting foot into the oven/stove/fridge/cupboard room. Sure I eat, it's called "snacking or waiting for someone else to cook". Many years ago, when I had to cook, I did. But so did my grandma and when she was well into her 70s she told me she hated to cook. I inherited more than her genes, I carry on the lineage of kitchenlessness. It skipped a generation so I have eaten well by my mom. And to my luck most of my partners have known how to cook without getting online to look it up. I have been living without a microwave for a couple of months now but even when it was here, I killed it with popcorn and another one with a burrito. And so, my being a great cook, not going to happen.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Artsy fartsy

I like to tweek my vision, expand my horizons, check out something new, stretch my limits, and HAVE FUN! Yes, not much journalling going on but these are more for you to ponder on than read about. Actually, they're more for me to ponder on. I love looking at my own stuff ;-) I love creating my own stuff. I love my stuff.

Some of the items I listed for last Vintage Thingies Thursday:

A partial view of Waimea Canyon on Kaua'i:

My son's hand and our buckets at the beach: