Friday, June 27, 2008

Two times seven

Here's my oldest who is 14, which is so far from 16 that I'm not even beginning to have palpatations over him driving (it's more like nervous twitches...)

Mahalo for math!

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The Seven Year Itch

In seven of the longest short years of my life, she went from this...

to this...

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

I love you & mahalo for all you've brought to my life! Ok, not all but most. Ok, all!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's time for Vintage Thingies Thursday!

Please visit CONFESSIONS OF AN APRON QUEEN, hostess with the mostess! You'll also find more links to more vintage goodies on Vintage Thingies Thursday!

Whewf, I finally remembered to take pics, log in, post, and link back. In case you didn't know this about me I love Vintage! I have some pieces in my house that my mom wonders why I've hung on to, or bought, them. I adore old. I vie for vintage. I am crazy for cracked and pickled over patinas. Here are a couple of fun items I have on my walls...
I bought this when I knew my third child was going to be a boy. It did hang over his crib but as he got more active I moved it away to a place the kids couldn't reach. I talked the dealer down a couple bucks and think I walked away with it for about $10. It's a raised print; the face, hat and lace are convex (coming toward the viewer). It was love at first site for me. When I was walking down the street with my new purchase an elderly woman, and we're talking white-haired and bent over old, told me that she had a print like it when she was young and she adored it. Aha!

This is something I got at a thrift store. The ad cracked me up so instead of putting my own picture in it I just kept it "as is". Note the instructions and how easy they make inserting a picture (or document OR diploma!) seem. See the apron she adorned in order to do housework. Niiiice.

I just got this a couple of days ago. I snatched it up for 99 cents at Goodwill, can you believe it? So cute! I always feel anxious when I see something that strikes my fancy, as if someone is going to dive in front of me and whisk it away. I remember big nightgowns like that, the lace tickling your neck, the gathering tight at the wrists, the fabric brushing your ankles. But the candle, that's a little older than I ;-)

So glad you came by to see some of my vintage thingies. Mahalo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scrap scrap scrap

I've been scrapping! Many, many pages recently. School's out, job's done, I took time to deflate and did some scrapping. Here are two pages I did with heritage pics (which will lead into my vintage post next!)

This is my dad's mom. Go ahead and let me know your best date guess, Dad, and any corrections you have for me...

This is my mom. What a cutie-pa-tutie! Mom, year? I thought '45ish. I've scrapped these pictures on paper in a completely different look but I am loving this digi LO (layout).

Please see my gallery at:

for details on the supplies I used, and to see more of my pages. I LOVE Scrapgirls!!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Dance like no one is watching

Dance, whether it's the hula, the macarena, the hustle, tap, boogie, mosh pit, square dancing, ballroom or Broadway. Dance! (By the way, someone may be watching. I snuck into my son's dance to get a pic, came out with two - woohoo!)

Learn something new every day

Sometimes it's major like writing your name, sometimes it's subtle like finding a shortcut in a program, sometimes it's heartfelt like hearing a friend's problems. You never know where the next lesson will come from so pay attention.

Sometimes it's not learning by watching. Watch someone else make a discovery and you will find yourself proud and excited. Watch a crowd and find that we are all similar. Watch out or you'll miss another lesson.

If you're going to have lessons given to you directly, with purpose, do your homework!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The only thing constant is change

Sorry, Daddy-O, the city just ain't the same. But since you're older than bridges surely you relish the new.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Been a while...

Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone? The big fat meanie cable bill got in the way of my enjoying the internet. Somehow the money tree bloomed and we're back up and running, huzzah!

Jarrod had an 8th grade picnic, dance and graduation! I snuck into the dance and caught him in a candid shot then told him and his buds they need to pose or I'm not leaving. They did and I left, woohoo!

Wendy girl had her first top front tooth knocked out by a rock (small accident). The second one came out when she lost balance while climbing on her bed rails. Either way, she was finally able to smile when the blood stopped flowing. The tooth fairy brought her two gold dollar coins for the second tooth (the first one was never found in a friend's yard).

Jesse had a blast at a local park during a picnic shindig. Daddy took the pics since I was working. Fun to see the fun they had once the pics are downloaded!

Mahalo and miss me sometime.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stay out of her way

Reading chapter books before Kindergarten, now writing in cursive, and drawing with correct perspective. The cups in the pic are stickers but the tables they're "set on" were drawn by Wendy, with the correct perspective (note those table legs). Who? Wendy. Why? Because she wants to. She moves along doing her own thing, teaching herself all she wants to learn. Don't tell her no, tell her you'll help. Don't tell her she can't, she will anyway so just show her the safe way. Stay out of her way and she'll be just fine!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Way back when

Look at that face. Makes you want to pinch those cheeks and kiss his head! He was almost 9 years old, we were at the park getting Christmas portraits done. What a trooper he was letting his little sister drag him around, giving us great smiles in each pic. He's the apple of my eye, the light in my day, the song in my soul, the pain in my arse sometimes, but always the love of my life.


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Announcement of sites down

Mahalo Stacy Carlson for getting the word out!

Gotta Pixel Announcement
Our site is currently down
Why are we down?
Yesterday, around 4:55 PM CST, the building where our server, and about 9,000 others, are housed experienced an explosion that knocked down three walls. On the advise of the fire department, the generators, that would typically automatically be turned on, were not allowed to be. The company that owns the servers has been working non-stop to get the servers back online and functional, and the expected ETA is mid to late afternoon, June 1.We apologize to everyone for this happen. We are grateful that no one was injured in this situation and we know that they are working hard to get everything back up and running. I will send out an announcement when things are functional again.Thank you everyone.Stacy Carlson, Owner of Gotta Pixel