Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bridge of love

Sometimes I wish an olive branch worked, or a simple kind word or deed. But not always. You can get poked back with that same branch or ingored and left wondering if you even spoke outloud. Stand on that bridge of love, people, wave back to one another.
Uh oh, Scrap Orchard isn't coming up for me this afternoon. Deep sigh. Must post. Must post here at the very least.
Happy Birthday kit (designer tba) / CAbram Twig Love / font: Enviro

I double dare ya

This was the very first pic I took with my new camera. My youngest knew I was getting ready to take his pic and so what did he do? Started running circles around me, telling me I couldn't catch him (with the camera). Oh yea?!
Amy Sumrall's A Walk In The Park / fonts: Junior Star, Kristen ITC

Fairy Run

The first two teeth she lost when she was in control, basically she wiggled them out of her head. This time a top front one was loose but not quite ready to come out. She wanted to lose it at school but instead she lost it at a friend's house by accident and it was lost in the grass. She's still proud of her smile, though!

If there are sand dunes, Number One Son will run. If Number One Son is doing anything, I will take a pic.


Cuppycake's Fairy Fresh kit / fonts: Girls Are Weird, Herbert

TwoBoyz Backyard kit / AWP Pink Mocha alpha / font: John Handy LET

Morning Ahoy

Like her mama, she's unpredictable in the morning. Sunshiney or stormy? This particular morning it was sunny outside and my girl was sunny, too. The pic is dark because the flash didn't go off, too light behind her, but I left it as is. I like the way this kit from a designer in the Scrap Orchard contest played around the pic as "sunshine". More bright colors making their way into my pages!

Jesse loves to turn wheels and because he's such the car enthusiast I usually make pages with car themes. But an adorable kit was created for the Scrap Orchard contest and so this time my boy is sailing away. Ahoy!

May you have a sunny morning. Ahoy and mahalo!

Pixiequeen's Manic Crush kit / fonts: Little Days, Mistral

MHulshoff's Summer kit / font: Odessa LET

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I stop whenever the scenery commands it. Today it was the clouds parting enough to let some sun accent the hills in a small town. And by small I mean you do a zig, then a zag, and you're through. But I lagged in the zag and captured the tiny church in the pics above. I didn't find beauty in a divine site but in a divine setting. How lucky am I to see things outside the van window that make me smile every time I see them? How lucky am I to smile at the things I see? Today at work someone asked me how I was. I responded that I get to see beautiful things all the way to and from work so I was doing very well, thank you! I look at the tree trunks, the leaves, the tops of the trees. I look at the cows, the horses, the birds, a little donkey and a couple pigs. I look at the homes, the stores, the signs, the side of the road. I hear the wind and the birds. Beauty is everywhere.


Good luck to the designers presenting their efforts at !

Love In Paris by Kristin Aagard of Digi Delights / font: Kunstler Script

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pointing the way, now off you go

I've recently updated the right side of my blog with the sites I visit when I need inspiration or graphics for digiscrapping. Please take the time to visit each designer or store and I promise, you too, will be inspired to create on the computer. From designing your own layouts in any size (brag books, 12x12 pages, and more), to making your own holiday cards, iron-on designs, gift tags, even hybrid art (using digital print outs with fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc), you can do so much. Yes, you can! Go for it. But I must warn you, it is addicting. Make sure you carve out a chunk of time for the first browsing efforts or else you'll miss an appointment or forget to pick up your kids from school ;-)

Enjoy, mahalo!

Monday, May 26, 2008

One girl, one thousand looks

It really used to bother me that I couldn't get my hair to be the same two days in a row. I'd use a blowdryer, curling iron, braid it, brush it, pull it back, it just didn't matter. I'd have a new 'do a day. My hair is different on each side of my head. The right side is thinner and will go back, the left side is thick and wants to go forward (I got the right side from my dad and the left from my mom). The top likes to go down, not be pulled up or back. The ends will either be stick straight or curl every which way. One me, many looks. Nowdays it's wake up and walk out the door. Nevermind trying to do anything, just let it be and it is. Funny thing is now I can get compliments but when I was younger I got "Can you do anything?". It's always been thick, it's turning white. Look out, you never know what tomorrow holds!
Amy Sumrall EP bg, swirl, flower / Lindsay Jane Designs Grunged frame / Misty Cato Designs See Clearly alpha / Eva Kipler Tangerine Tango tag / font: Maryellen

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I play this CD over and over and over and over and get the point. Today my daughter asked if I ever get tired of playing it. No. Nope. Never. While I don't know the Hawaiian language (except a few words) all of the songs/chants on this CD speak to me. I discovered Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu when he wrote and sang the soundtrack for Lilo & Stitch. When I heard this CD I had to have it and have been playing it ever since. Today I did my own attempt at a hula and my daughter tried, too, oh what a feeling. An ancient feeling, one of peace and harmony. With some giggles thrown in for good measure ;-)
Kari Hentzelt Hibiscus stamp, Lime hibiscus bg / NJS Hawaiian hibiscus, leaves / A Victoria ad challenge doodle / HE Anything (hibiscus) 2 / fonts: Manchuria; Marathon II; Polka MN

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Out of my comfort zone

Today is chilly. It's rainy and cold. This is not my comfort zone in late May! I wanted to remind myself of the hot days just two weeks ago by scrapping some summery pics. For the summer look I used some bright graphics. Normally I would not have chosen this kit for these pics but I wanted to scrap those pics and use that kit, no two ways around it. Just another method to get me out of my comfort zone. I can be Miss Matchy Matchy with colors in my dress or surroundings and especially in my pages. But this kit was summery like the pics so I put everything together. I really like my finished page but am still getting comfortable with the look. See those rosey cheeks on the kids? That was pure heat outside. Today I'm inside just trying to keep my fingers from freezing up so I can type. At least I know I can digiscrap!


Adeyeo Freebie 8 - My Friends Mini Kit / Mira Winter Glam alpha / K Pertiet white stitching / font: Elementric


I am thrilled how this page came out, quickly, easily, and using a new snippet from Kim B. It was a windy day (Mom, my hair was being blown as I clicked, nothing to do with brushing or not) on the field at school and I wouldn't let my son run around with the sucker in his mouth so he hung out with (hung onto) me. This is the second pic I took. I deleted the first one when I saw how much neck was showing because I wasn't looking upward - yikes. It's all in the angle, baby. Normally I don't give the kids suckers but the sweet stuff was given out at a donation event and admittedly they kept the kids occupied while waiting for the TV crew to be live. Plus, what a great couple of sayings I got out it for my page!
Kim B Designs bead string thingie / LRW Hullabaloo bg03 / Happy doodles frame2 / Alexa Crazy arrow, doodle swirl 3 / fonts: Daniel, March Madness NF

Friday, May 23, 2008

Naked feet

I took a pic of my foot? Yeppers. No shame. I like to find the little things and record them. I like to drive barefoot. It's easy because I only wear shoes that slip on so as soon as I sit in the driver's seat I slip my right shoe off. I don't remember when I started driving without my shoe but now I can't not wear something. If there's something on my foot I feel so separate from the pedal, my adjustment to gas and brake are skippy and I feel out of control, like a first time driver - sputter, choke, whiplash. If I can feel the pad with the bottom of my foot and grip the top with my toes I know I am in complete control. Moving from the slim gas to the wide brake, my foot knows its way around. Smooth lines, a little bit of air, more lines. Test the push, gently stepping down. If I had a shoe on it would be like a little kid stomping around in Daddy's boots - watch me burn rubber then skid, woohoo! Not what I'm going for, that is, until I learn to drive a race car on a track (right, Michell?) Being barefoot is tricky. I've had to find the right utensil to care for my feet so they don't end up with 1ft thick callouses that crack - NASTY. So, my feet are sweet, they treat me well and I let them see the world. Nice, don't you think?
Miss Vivi On The Road bg / Andrea Designs torn edge / Kim B Designs brack-ity / Shabby Princess Splendid alpha / L Vich Newsworthy alpha / font: Goodbye Cruel World; Daniel


Above is my daughter in her recent 2nd grade production of Sandy Beach Play. Check out that smirk she's giving the camera. She was a bristle worm. I didn't even know there was such a creature. I have to thank her teacher and class for teaching me a few things about my precious beach and its creatures.

I don't use a hairbrush. It's never been a priority for me to have "neat" hair, much to my mother's chagrin many years ago. Oh, she still tells me to fix my hair but I just smirk at her, now. I like my look. I don't mind the fazzled, undone 'do, and I often try to create such an effect with hairwax. I don't mind that my kids don't brush their hair on a daily basis. We don't look like bedheaded beasts, well, sometimes a bit of bedhead but not beasty. I've shaved my hair off, I've grown it out. I'm in line to get some dreadlocks. I won't be buying a brush. I don't mind a bit of fluffy puff in the back; I can't see it. This week it's been so windy outside that had we all brushed and coiffed it would have been upset the moment we stepped outside anyway. (smirk)


You have to visit this blog. I've never "heard" someone laugh sooo much online! Plus, she's an incredible designer:

Kim B Designs Undadasea bg / retrodiva PeaceJoy alpha / For You HG 02 paper / v.vv alpha blanc / LazyKitty ptsws hviezdicka 1 star / font: Carnation

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little man

All I had to do was look down at my side and Little Man was leaning, casually holding his cuppa (water). He fit well below the counter meaning he's still little but that stance, that air, seem as if he was a man. I am constantly cracking up at his antics; half of the time because he's truly and genuinely hilarious, the other half of the time it's because he's clueless as to how cute he's being.
I am not a fan of pushing a child to grow up. Let them at their leisure, they were born with their own senses of being.
My oldest son had some tough stuff in front of him early in life due to struggles between his father and myself. While some of the struggle remains at a lesser level, my son has always riden the even keel. He knows how to bow out of a difficult situation and how to reflect with purpose and forgive with heart. My daughter has never chosen an easy path and loves a challenge. This has been true since her infancy and knowing her as well as I do (but also I know I've only scratched the surface) I will continue to allow, not push, to open, not end, most possibilities she creates. My youngest son today proclaimed himself to be a "Meeter, greeter, eater, and a lover". He talks to strangers as we stroll by and turns his head to finish his conversation not yet realizing that he was not heard by anyone except me. His zest is best left alone. The boys make their own way, the girl demands. Either way, it is to each his/her own.
Me? I'm all over the board. I can be a quiet wallflower, I can be a loud raging bull. My heart is strong, my humor can surprise me, my willpower can be unforgiving. I used to think I wanted to be like anyone other than myself. Now I put in my coin and take the ride in complete wonderment, vowing to own my thoughts and actions. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ramek2 frame / JillDZines Whisper Soft tag / Syrin Catrine safety tag / ATeets Sunporch bg / Love You word art is unidentified / fonts: Alpha Mack and I forgot to write down the other one

Gifts all around

I took these pics on my drive while working yesterday. There is no way to get to my work destinations except via the "backroads" which wind through laurel and redwood groves, rolling hills, cows and horses in fields and corrals, and magnificent views. Every day I drive by these beautiful horses. They stay near the front of their corral which is right next to the road. The horse at the fence came to me immediately when I made "clicking" sounds, it sniffed my hand and posed as the wind blew it's mane. The others were stand-offish but didn't run off, instead gathered just out of reach. Thank goodness I remembered some fantastic graphics I downloaded from a creative and generous designer, and so the "Giddy-up" and rope frame were the icing on the cake for my layout!

The gift of the scenery on my drive, the area in which I live, the graphics which are offered by so many talented designers, these are not ever taken for granted. I was told at an early age (from Daddy-O) to look around me and appreciate where I live. I read about the efforts of each designer and how they appreciate a simple "thank you" when they give out their work. I do thank everyone!


Barb Derksen (Mrs Miles aka lalalime) "Giddy-up" and rope frame / InCa Harmonie frames / SDS Refreshed journaling strip / BSC Puggin bg / Shabby Princess Two Soon Shabby edges overlay / Rina Grandpa's Cabin rusty horseshoe / (unidentified "light scratches" overlay) / font: Alpha Mack

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm ignoring you

I couldn't get him to look up so I just snapped away. I could have stuck the camera under his nose or taken away his electronics or been frumpy about it. But that would have given me an unnatural pose when, really, this is my boy. Plugged in. Doing his thing. Catching up on homework. Oblivious to the kids playing around him. Ignoring me. I don't mind. I know he knows I know that he enjoys the pics and layouts in the end.

Sometimes I don't answer my phone. SHOCK. Some people just don't understand how I ignore a ringing phone. I know who is calling (and usually why). I have things going on right at that moment. I also am aware of my own temperament. Trust me, you want me ignoring you. Leave a message.


2 Peas in a Pod Proud 2 Be Digi leaves / Digital Diva green bg / v.vv tampon12 (frame) / font: Ben Krush; Atomic Pasta

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just hanging out

Another blog I found today that I'm smitten with:

She offered Ordinary Joy elements freebie which I used above. Oh joy!!!

But just as I was breathing normally, inhaling the Spring air, smiling at my latest layout, listening to CARS and my youngest playing, I hear CRASH * CRACK. My son had been playing on the side table and pushed a set of ceramic coasters off the end. When I looked over, his eyes were already wide. He knew something had broken and that he was in trouble. But those eyes didn't stop me, I got high-pitched and loud. Instead of reflecting on the fact that he didn't do it on purpose (although he does know he's not to play on the table) I blew up over broken pieces. My immediate response was thoughts of those coasters being "my favorite", beautiful, even useful. He ran to his room crying his wailing cry of "being in trouble" but he's already quiet in there. Now I'm the one trying to be my mind. Favorite? Useful? Come on, Steph, they're just objects, replaceable or can be reused as broken pieces on a matte or new table top. Now, to go get a hug from my boy, apologize for getting loud, and reiterate rules about playing on tables. And, back to ordinary joy.


Beth Nixon Ordinary Joy elements / Chris Enoy Paper Collection I 04 / font: Betty's Hand

Sunday, May 18, 2008

There was a little girl who had a little curl...

Sometimes my daughter catches my eye in a way that makes me take a breath, hold the moment in time, keep her face (or her whole self) in my mind. Lucky me and my failing memory, I bought a new camera and so I asked to take her pic before school. She had asked me how she looked in her hat (Great, honey!). What a girl. She loves to smile, loves to pose, loves the accessories I get for her. Sometimes I do some deep breathing while trying to dissipate my anger in her actions but those moments never out-weigh the joy she sends out through her sense of self. And so by opening myself to her, I learn to look at myself, too, with wonder, a sense of self, wholely and completely, the good with the bad (and yes, I make fashion poses and kissy faces in the mirror.) Beautiful, beautiful girlS.
Amelie Scrap Holy Spirit frame / E Lash LA swirls / Vissarah Ida flower / Julie O Family History note paper / DD SG H print paper / font: Carima / (sorry, no artist reference in the file name for the word art or the alpha)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a treat

I love this site, offering some fantastic freebies along with a store full of goodness!!

Here is a page I made with simply three elements from the ABC Jump Kit. My youngest son and my daughter sharing an ice cream cone. I know! It's SWEET!!


Digitreats ABC Jump Elements IX (ice cream) and Multi paper / fonts: Casablanca Antique; Carima

Friday, May 16, 2008

So funny I forgot to laugh

Got this joke from a "clean joke" website. Cracked me up!

A woman, a bus and a baby
A woman gets onto a bus with her baby.
The bus driver says, "That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!"
The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her, "The driver just insulted me!"
The man says, "There's no call for that. You go right up there and tell him off. Go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you."

Got the following saying (word art) from the website:

So, laugh, will ya? Mahalo!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two sides

I love to take pictures (gee, really?!) and use shapes in the lense to show different views of every day items. When shooting cars I like to focus on emblems, tires, bumpers, etc. This particular shot I thought was "just a tire" but when I reviewed it on the computer I noticed I had captured another car inside the hubcap. How fun to get something I didn't expect while doing something I love!

The other side of cars is for Jesse and Mark. They like to check out cars in their entirety as shown in this picture I took of them:

J Crowley Comic Junkie background / Carrie Stephens crossed staples / CAD Elizabeth glitter arrow / fonts: Ugly Face; Enviro
d2D Depths of Despair background / Manda J painted blue newspaper alpha / F Marini Autumn Leaves notepaper / Lindsey Jane Designs grunged frame / MM Faux stamps / C Shields Roadtrip strip / font: Scribble

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

And so it was.


Amelie Scrap Delightful frames / Coreen Silke WE corner / Marianne Rustic background / ACBleser Clover paperbag tag / AR A Mother's Love brad / SNT Wou journal paper / NBK The Leaf butterfly / SDS Autumn Romance Doodle / fonts: John Handy LET; Spendid

Feel the need for speed

Mahalo to the guys and gals who showed their cars, especially the owner who let my little one sit in the driver's seat!
Lili Grunge alpha freebie / font: Wiffles; Square 721BT

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We're only alone if we believe so

I was just checking MSN messenger to see if a friend was signed in. I was feeling the need to share, to vent, to check in, to laugh my butt off. She wasn't signed in and for a millisecond I felt alone. It was that short of a time period because before I took my next breath I heard the mockingbird in the backyard and I realized that I am not alone. Sure, the kids are at the park so people-wise there is not another person in the house but I am SO not alone! I just looked over my shoulder and saw Bluey (our fish), he's here. I hear cars driving by once in a while and I just left a phone message for someone. I am definitely not alone. Should I want company I'll go into the front yard and water so neighbors will wave and stop to chat. I could go to my favorite coffee shop and probably see people I know but even if I don't know them (yet!) I will see people.

I can enjoy this time, unalone (now it's in writing so it's a word, so there).