Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pinky pinkerton

No matter I wouldn't let the grandmas get her "princess" stuff for the first year, she is her own girl and loves pink! It was my deal to not get all girly with her and looking back I sure put her in some androgenous outfits LOL! I finally let go of my fear of having a girly girl and have since loved watching her enjoy nail polish, princesses, Barbie, etc. She has her own style, mixing sneakers with dresses, puts her own hair in ponytails (but doesn't bother to comb it first), she likes polish but doesn't need to keep it neat after day one, she will wear a crown and then climb a tree. Let's all get pink!


TLS chipbaord film strip
Misty Cato Pink Glitter alpha
Digitreats Skip flower
Tabrizia's Beach House Impressions frame
AEdwards Garden paper
fonts: Kelly Ann Gothic; Girls Are Weird

Gimme food

My daughter's appetite and love of food (well, she says she now does not like orange juice) is well beyond mine. I eat to fill the emptiness, to get full, to get a sugar craving over with, to taste salt, to stop my stomach from growling. She eats for the pure love of eating, enjoys new recipes. She's tried and loves things I refuse to eat. She loves to help prepare and cook, ok so she wants to do it all herself, she's into the whole kitchen thing. I am so happy that she does not have self-imposed limitations towards food, that she knows she can always have seconds (thirds?). The one halt we have to put on her is with dairy as her body does not process it well. This seemingly makes the urge to eat dairy stronger for her so a little bit here and there has to be given or she'll do a midnight run to the fridge and gorge just so she can have what's tempting her, just sitting there, waiting for her to sneak it. The forbidden fruit - no, the forbidden dairy. Eat. Food good!
LJD stitched frame
HP panier (basket)
Can Designs Mermaid's Heart bead pin
Petit Moineaux hearts cluster
ELash LA heart
CBender recipe card
SBS II freebie paper
fonts: Kartika, Scribble

Monday, April 28, 2008

Always have been

This is my girl when she was 16 mos old. She would pitch a fit if the blanket on her lap was not laid out just so. She had many particulars likes this and they have remained. She's almost 7 years old and every single night we must be sure the blankets on the bed are wrinkle-free, the sheet laid over the top just so, the sides are tightly tucked. It's so interesting having kids! You get to see how people are the way they are. All three of mine were born with characteristics that have never left them. Even at this late stage in my life (ok, I'm only 40 but so many years I was too hard on myself) I get to give myself a break in life by learning from my kids. I am who I am and always have been. I don't need to fit into anything or be like anyone else. I am unique. I can do what I feel is good, comfortable, exciting, whatever, to me. It's good to be me!


WZ pastel frame
DMI Bridal envelope
Thora index card
Jill DZines Summer Breeze paper
RPenn Express Yourself alpha
MelC Chocoberry button
Mrs Schmuck diamonds

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sleep? Who needs it

Can't settle down but I'm exhausted. What better to do than a couple pages?

Vintage Spring Kit paper, frame
Dahlia Co Renewal bracket frame
Kim B Storybook Romance tag ribbon
Les Kit de Mimi Lou stitching
Tiny Tattered Alpha
font: Synchronous

Misty Cato Funky Flower
C Smith Nothing Girly string tie
Jennas torn edge (paper)

Becki Kress White Stamped Alpha
Vicki Stegall Glitz Alpha
font: Tuesday


Saturday, April 26, 2008


Papel Caderno (note paper)
Alexa Crazy paper
Megadoodle gel alpha
TKing "?"
Miss Vivi A Vendre scribble arrow
Lindsay Jane Designs Australia Day star swirl
fonts: Bas Relief; Madison

The pits

So finally my armpits stink. I swear I walk around like an absence of smell most of the time but the weather caught up with me yesterday and I was working hard. I guess I shouldn't have put "stink". If I passed you by on a walk I wouldn't be leaving trails of stinkiness. But if I raised my arm to give you a high five and you came at me and we did the old football chest bump...

My daughter calls the area behind her knees "knee pits". Classic! She was about two when she first said it and I can't believe how funny it was!! The girl just looked at me like I was crazy. She still does that. Hmmmmmm.

A group of gals I know have pitted themselves against another group of us gals. Truly the pits. They don't see it, we're not okay with it and it came to a head. The head began a slow leak and dare I say things have calmed a bit.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


She used to take pics with our camera, then she took them with a cell phone, now she's making movies on the phone. The time when she is most imaginative, incredibly creative, and quite entertaining is when she is performing. She's a natural, loves attention and praise, craves action and an outlet. You go girl!


D Corbitt bent frame
AP Spring coral scribble paper
Misty Cato Pink Glitter alpha
Zakira swirl
CWall Lilliana tiny tag
font - Marathon

Monday, April 14, 2008


My baby will be starting preschool this week. This will be his very first time in a daycare situation. I'm going to bawl like a baby! This will be our last association with a preschool. He'll begin school in the fall. Can you imagine what I'll be like on that first day?
(sniff sniff) Mahalo

Saturday, April 12, 2008

In and out

Mark was letting me know tonight that "Blah blah blah, basketball, Warriors, blah blah blah." It's like the Peanuts animated shows, the trombone "wah-wah-wahn-ing", you know?

When my youngest speaks he can also be quite animated. Life is an adventure for him! He is so enthusiastic that he doesn't take time to make sense so I'm often smiling and nodding, my eyes go wide when I can tell he's getting very excited and I can frown a bit when it seems serious, but honestly, I'm not understanding a word he's saying.

In one ear and out the other. Sometimes you don't have a choice but to let things just flow on through. There's no comprehending, no wondering, no absorbing, instead a rush of someone else's business slipping through your head. There's no sign this is happening, outwardly. The speaker cannot see or feel the other person's confusion or simple drifting. That is as long as The Face is kept up in reasonable sequence with The Voice; reaction is key.

I love when none of this happens. I love when The Voice isn't so much noise but a maleable substance floating from tongue and lips to ears and brain. Thoughts are generated as a reaction, not flimsy masks. See who it is that is speaking in return for their generous gifts. Look at the way they hold their eyes and match the energy while taking it in.

I have no idea where I was going with this LOL! I got myself thinking and laughing. That's good enough, I guess.


Taking the time

The computer's bogged down again. I am such the little collector! It takes time to make the pages but I'm not exactly learning patience. Wazzup widat?

ALW Emma Frame
TDI Twist border
TipToeStudio VD Alpha
DEB Oceana Special Staple tag
EBDG Zinfandel tag
Julie P Enchanting Poppies staple
Herz For You heart
HD37 Freebie Silver alpha
fonts: Mariette Tryout; Lovitz
SP all flowers
Julie O Feb Freebie border
TKA Combat paper fold
SP Festival Sky paper
SP Harvest Spice Ornate paper
fonts: 1942 Report; LOlivier; Machiavelli

Friday, April 11, 2008

My boys

So freakin cute! I'm so glad I get to share them with you here. Mahalo!

SBS LJ grey paper (recolored)
FR Berlingo hearts (coeurs)
Scrapbooking.ch "Boys"
Amelie Scrap frame
font is Ziggy Zoe


The weather is screaming BEACH!!!! So lovely today, the air smells good, gentle breeze, wish I could heed the call. Alas, have some darn paperwork to hand in and the kids and I aren't even dressed so my duties have yet to begin. Gotta love feetsie pjs, the kids are in the backyard, feet protected. Luckily I laid down some soft foam pieces that cover those nasty rocks so it must be like playing indoors...only sunny! The trees haven't filled in with leaves yet so it's a complex web of shadows laid across the yard which helps filter sunlight. In and out of the squeeky sliding screen the kids go, potty trips, toy trips, food trips. I can still taste coffee on my tongue, time to brush it away, the folks at Kaiser deserve fresh breath even though they lost my paperwork. Yep, time to get going. Here I go, in a little bit. It's too delightful sitting here, except the mocking bird isn't singing so I give a little booboo face out the window. I love that bird! Since I can't figure out what I was going to do tomorrow (anyone out there remember for me??) I'll designate it as beach day. There, now I feel better about being so slow today, knowing I won't make it to the coast since I didn't get an early start. That's a must for me, out and about early, no lazing around or I simply don't follow through with off-the-cuff plans. It works for me, I don't mind. Knowing tomorrow will The Day means today I can do what I need to in Steph Time. I'm a lucky girl, I know it! Mahalo folks!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My beautiful girl

I didn't do anything to the photo except crop it. Isn't she beautiful?!

Ellie Lash - Sun Morn: paper, journal, glitter swirl


Manu70 - stitching


Petit Moineaux - Amore Blue fleurs


WW Brown Alpha

Friday, April 4, 2008

100th post!!

Gee, typing sure flies when you're having fun. Here's a bunch of stuff to fill up this 100th post:
Cheech Marin is a voice on Dora. I'm getting the nicest people telling me I have a headlight out (it's an electrical thing so I can't simply change a light). I have three wheelbarrows. It's almost time to replace my non-fashionable Croc knock-offs; the soles are wearing thin but they're still the most comfy shoes I own. After school my eldest son becomes an hour off. Organic sour cream tastes better than non-organic and I've eaten a tub to prove it. If the weather holds out next week we'll hit the beach (not on Kuau'i). My youngest son just learned to get himself on the swing and pump his legs to get as high as the chains will let him. A mockingbird sits himself at the top of our tree and sings his little heart out and I love it. Trying to get rid of the pyracantha in the backyard and I have half the limbs trimmed but can't reach above the fence so they are heavy with berries...and thorns...ug. Lucky girl, I just received a coupon for the local rental place so power saw, here I come. I'm learning Chinese from Kai Lan. My daughter tried to fake being sick for the first time today. She's at school. I think my oldest bottle of nailpolish is older than my daughter.
I'm spent! Mahalo!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Glad it's so entertaining

Go ahead and laugh at my expense. I'm glad to have been able to entertain you! Ah to be a grandma with the years of direct supervision far in the past. I tell ya, if the ladies hadn't been laughing at the whole situation then I might have not seen the humor. Ha! Might not have? Yea, right.

I'm in the pharmacy, as big as a walk-in closet, with two kids who I must corral and praise and hold and remind and direct and assist and stop and start...and a couple elderly ladies just thought the whole scene was a hoot! Jesse wouldn't sit down but wandered over and hung onto and spun around the sign which instructed people to stand behind it. He wouldn't put his socks back on until the threat of no playdate came up and even then he put them on but I picked him up before he walked off again to browse those full shelves of pretty bottles. Wendy sat nicely during the second time we waited, put her shoes on but threw her "stinky, sweaty" socks at me because there was no way she was going to put those back on. Her cheeks were rosey with health and tiredness and sun and she enjoyed my noticing her good behavior. Just prior we had been outside waiting and that's why shoes and socks were off; nice BIG outside, with benches to walk along and jump from, a dog to pet and let lick your hand, a plastic grocery bag which Jesse stepped into and put his arms in the handles and he was a "big baby". In other words, plenty of room to play even it half of it was in their heads. Before we went outside there was another wait in line, that was I stood in line but turned to face the kids behind me as they reached over the handles of the chairs to put hands on each other and whine about the other doing it, and Wendy kept pushing the large button to open the automatic door. I guess it is me afraid of getting looks but I don't let the kids play with the door. Perhaps I should ignore them and really let them hear it from someone who works there, someone they can respect LOL!

So, I'm thankful to have heard laughter and been a part of it. Mahalo!