Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm happily indifferent to the ones who have consistantly been wrong

Love that quote from KD's new album Watershed. Not her best CD but some songs really touch on things. I like more variety, this one seems to have familiar tracks and notes, but I'll support her and wait for the next release. My daughter said she sounded like a man during part of a song, but that's kind of what I like. I'm an alto and LOVE to sing along with Miss KD ;-) Instead of getting my panties in a twist (now why do that on purpose to yourself? ow...) I will take that line and be happily indifferent, let the others, those that are NOT in the know, let them slide around their slippery slope and watch from my sure-footed stance. Go ahead folks, I know what I'm doing and you don't need to worry yourselves about it and I won't worry for you. There now, isn't that a load off? Mahalo!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love Craigs List!!

Ahhhhhhhh, I'm going to be sleeping on a mattress on a boxspring on a frame tonight. I've been making due with a bed which has 1 ft springs, industrial, like for an overnight camp. It was free off CL but it's squeaky and tall and a bit too long for a twin mattress. I appreciated having something to keep the mattress off the floor but I am SO happy to take it away and use the frame and mattress I have with a boxspring I just received (for free off CL). I was waking myself up every time I turned over from the metal sproinging. The kids loved jumping on it and off of it. But time to get back to basics. I have two matching headboards (free) for my bed and Jesse's, how cute will we be?!

Mark wants to work on the garage, ie clean it out, organize it today. GREAT! We have all the furniture (free) we need and more (free) so let's make something of the space out there. Work and leisure space, turn on the record player (free) and get moving on this cool sunny day. I have a dilapidated foosball table (free) which I may just take apart and use for decoration. A couple dressers (free) need some TLC and hopefully after today I'll have room for my work table (free) so that I can spiff them up.

Not every free thing came from CL but for the most part I'm browsing daily just to see what else could be had (for free). Yes, I have put many things for free up on CL, myself, to "give back" and I've met the nicest people who are giving and receiving. Yes, storage space is at a premium, I've let a lot go, now to focus on the items that spark me, the others, yep, will be listed on CL....for free.

Mahalo Craig!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's my fault

I was going to put a "P.S. Dad you don't have to respond" on my last post. I fogot. My bad. Here's his response:

#1. Banks will screw you if you let them---just
like everyone else.
#2 i tunes??? What the Hell. You let him do that
crap, you deserve what happens. If he wants
that shit, he should have a job and pay for it
#3 Cable, digital?? See #1.
#4. Van? Just like people, you have to take
care of it and feed it properly, or it will die.
#5 Gas? We are paying more than $5.00 a
gallon. Choose your trips wisely.
#6. Snacks. You're in charge, not them. Celery,
carrots, apples, water are the only and
#7 Clothes? Two changes of everything is
#8. Entertainment? A close and caring family
can entertain themselves, with an
occasional treat out.
Did I do all of the above? No, but you should!

Love, Dad

Gawd, these are my roots LOL! Mahalo

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My day to complain. Don't worry, it's just one day.

Found an OD charge because the bank put a hold on part of a deposit, so they took my savings, dumped it into my checking and charged me for the move. Is there a bank out there that doesn't screw you? No charge for my checking account, my arse.

iTunes, beginning to be a thorn in my side. $1.98 here, $5.97 there. The boy doesn't get that each download comes from my checking account. Only "99 cents per song!" is all he knows.

Cable...what happened to good old airwaves? Nothing but digital now. Who's idea was this? Where's my savings? What's that? My bill went up again? Figures.

The van-mobile. Poor thing needs an oil change, smog check, electronic system check, and tires. Good thing I'm such a good driver.

Gas for the van-mobile. Gee, today it's all the way down to$3.639/gal. One gallon will get me how far again?

There's nothing to eat. Yep, hear it every day. We can't keep the cupboards filled for the kids, not that they're starving but yes, sometimes the snacks are scarce so eat your leftovers and drink water; it's good for you.

Trips? Clothes? Entertainment? Whatever!

bah humbug and Mahalo.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you know

Do you know yourself? Really, what you want from your core being? How to live, speak, move, work, is it about your truth? Not some chuck wagon round up, being lead here and there, mindlessly bumping into others who also have no self-guided direction. You have to speak up and it's not rude to do so, neither is it selfish or unreasonable. Without your voice you can disappear into a whirlwind of sacrifices you weren't prepared to make. Not making choices distinctly your own will send you into a drifting existence, being swept through life without a chance to shine, you're dusty and tired. It would not be living, it would be going through ghostly motions with no identity, no uniqueness, no truth. Don't do it.

Be yourself. Mahalo!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hugs n Kisses

They are still as fresh now as back in Oct '03 - Mahalo!


Goodies inside baskets, candy put into mouths, plastic eggs put into a box for the Easter Bunny to use next year, the box stored in the garage.

Ping pong as an early morning get-your-blood-pumping game, keeping the ball in the squares and on the table, hit it in the center of the paddle, store the ball and paddle in a box in the backyard.

Coffee brews from cannister to maker to cup, mix with milk, sip it into my tummy - yummy.

Kids in the backyard, Mark in the kitchen, Stephanie in the computer chair, Spring in the air.

With hearts open W I D E - HAPPY EASTER! Mahalo.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Handle bars

You can take my training wheels but at least leave me the handlebars. I'd have nowhere to put my bell and then I couldn't warn anyone I'm coming, quickly, fast....look out! The brakes would have to be operated via the pedals and I wouldn't be able to do that cool clicky spin-the-pedals-backwards move. What if I wanted sparkly danglies for the ends of the bars that could blow in the wind and I could twirl them in my fingers when I stopped and talked to someone I liked. I'm not great at prolonged good posture so it's nice to be able to lean on the bars and coast. And curves, they would take on a whole new meaning. So go ahead and dismantle the balance, leave me on my own to find my center of gravity. As long as I have choice, I have direction.


Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

Sure, hindsight has to be 20/20. I could really use some present and future sight that is as clear. Smarty girl was always trying to do for herself. I think in this picture the cat might have knocked the box over but Wendy was taking full advantage of the spill. Happily munching the cereal she smiles, beaming from pride in her own iniative. She probably coached the cat.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nothing, SLAM, nothing, SLAM, nothing.

Sometimes it's just like that. No in-between, no subtleties, not easing into or out of. Nothing to do on casual days but to decide to stay home and play online or go for walk or read a book. The next days there's no time to even think about playing or reading, it's a go-go day. The following days are relaxing, don't hurry, don't plan anything, don't even bother to catch up. Then days of rushing around, wondering why I didn't catch up when I had the chance because now I feel slammed.

Now that I'm working three days a week and two plus days a month I look back and see the years of no (outside the home) work as being relaxed. Of course they weren't relaxed with having moved a couple times, a son in school and having two babies, getting used to a marriage and coming out of it with a true friendship. But I didn't have to report to anyone, no one to tell me if I was late or off course. Timing wasn't something to record, instead it was following time and finding our best parts of each day.

I'm going to try to focus on the issues that are important to me. I will try not to get sidetracked by others and their goings-on. I will try make sure there are no blind spots, nothing lurking in the back of my mind (or the bottom of the laundry basket). What I don't have time for I simply don't have time for; the decision's already been made. I made it. Look at me!

Working IT, baby. Mahalo!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here fishy...

I couldn't stand it anymore. We brought home our first family pet today!

Jesse and I visit the pet store often and I've been wanting a fish for a while. I talked to the store guy and found out that a Beta would be our best bet, so we brought one home! It's a male Beta, blue and black, shimmery, lovely fins. He gets to lounge on the broken walls of an old castle and hide in some tall (fake) plants. The bowl will have beach colored rocks on the bottom. Jesse named him Bluey and checked on him the whole way home. He's still in his little container because of course I can't find our fish bowl. If it turns out I gave it away I'll head to Goodwill to get another, no biggie. Yay! No biggie! Did you know Betas don't have gills? They need to breath air from the surface and they don't like currents from tanks. This guy should be easy to care for and will last 1-2 years. Welcome home Bluey!

Luckily the birds I feed outside won't bother him. We also picked up some bird seed and hummingbird liquid. Spring is here!

gurgle bubble tweet Mahalo

Sunday, March 16, 2008

vagina vagina vagina vagina


Friday, March 7, 2008


My oldest broke his foot. Well, he cracked a bone and was on crutches for a couple weeks. It must have hurt but I still had to stay on top of him (ie rag) about elevating his foot. Now he's just in the porta-boot, no longer needs a chair in the shower, and even stopped using his cane. What's up, tough guy? Being 14 he probably just regards all this as a nuisance. He's trying to move on just a bit earlier than his body is ready to. I wish he'd slow down. If he falls I can't pick him up as he's bigger than me!! Hmmm, I could roll him, just have to hope there are no stairs involved.

My youngest is fascinated with his blood. If he gets a scratch it's reported that his blood is running out of him, look at all the red! If it dries he's 100% better, see? But he's not that into bandaids like his sister was. The girl would use up an entire package for one booboo. Well, not just the one but she'd add on and claim more booboo's or have to change the original bandaid once an hour. If there was no real booboo, she'd use scotch tape....everywhere.

Stay safe. Mahalo!

Hoooo boy

I'm rejoining the world of paychecks - Yes, I have a j.o.b.

I am so excited about having "duties", light as they are, and spending quality time on the road to a beautiful location, and working for a company that is all about health and goodness. I was very surprised to get the call back the same day as the interview but I guess that goes to show that if you wait for a right fit it comes along!

I'm not out to make deals or get a red ear from being on the phone. I don't want to sit at a desk or get paper cuts. It wouldn't be fun to sell or demonstrate anything. I want to believe in the saying "If you love what you do it's not work." I'm buying into it! I've loved what I've been doing but it's all been volunteer work; great for the soul but I can't go to the grocery store and tell them all I've done and expect a bag of groceries for being a good person. Isn't that too bad?

And, to top things off, I wore flip flops and shorts to the interview. Life is GOOD. Mahalo!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paint a pretty picture

Ever thought "Oops, I shouldn't have said that"? Found the perfect words to say long after the time they were needed?

Can we talk?

It's important to me, nowdays, to find honesty and live honestly. It's a great feeling and not really as hard as one would think, that is, I guess I used to think. Webs of lies are complicated even when it's just one word and you can never really take back what is spoken. You can apologize, you can forgive, but you can never take it back. They do say there's everything in a first impression.

Think about it, people! Mahalo!