Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My boys and me, too.

Sometimes I have to just snap away and get the pic when I can. Hurry up and don't wait or the moment is gone. Being 14 means you don't just pose with your mom every day, you know.

Here's my poser, still young enough to love the camera!

Mahalo for my boys!

Sew what?

Yea, I sewed. What of it? I used black thread on a brown vest, so what? I stuck my fingers, my leg, the patches are a bit crooked, so what? I couldn't find the iron. I was desperate.

My dressy top and pants were on a chair and accidentally sat on for an hour with no wrinkles to show in the end. I know how to shop for heavy cottons and polyester blends so why do I even have an iron? Technically, I don't have one just at this moment.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ah the carefree January of yester-year.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Enjoy the day - Mahalo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pics from a year ago...

Mahalo for days when my camera was working. sigh

Back and at'em

OY I slept that sickness away. Thank goodness the kids can entertain, ie tear up the house, when I'm feeling ooky. I'm still tired but that's just leftovers, I am definitely better.

Had to share a funny. I have a bottle of Stress Relief aromatic spray, smells like eucalyptus and spearmint, and the label says "pillow spray". So just below that it says "Caution: Flammable Eye Irritant". WTH????????????????? Yea, I spray it anywhere BUT my pillow.

My nerves are shot. That's what I say when I can feel that I will explode, yell, get frustrated at the least little thing. Not eating well the last couple of days, not that my appetite was supressed by the cold, that would be asking too much. But just snacking does not mean I'm eating well. Plus, all that sleep means now that's all my body wants to do. I love my sleep but since I'm feeling better overall I can't allow myself that luxury. And if you know me, you know I have hormonal issues which as yet haven't been diagnosed nor treated completely (when oh when will science help me?). So, today's a day when I explain I'm out of control, I apologize when I rant, and I try to breathe deeply, don't think too hard, just let this pass.

Consider me on a mental health day today. Mahalo.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A newbie

I haven't been creating pages lately. I am loving the graphics but my camera's broken and I've been ... uninspired. I like to create with brand new pics and then I'll dig into past pics. Without the new pics to start with it felt like there was no starting point. I pushed through last night and created the above.

Mahalo, creative spirit!


I've got the sickies. Really thought I wasn't going to get this bad but the bugaboos thought otherwise and are up my nose, in my head and chest, dragging me down. At least I got to have two productive days prior to this as I foolishly thought I was getting better. My friend sent me some "mental chicken soup", isn't that great? I drank it to my health!

Stay well, people. I'll join you soon. Mahalo.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It feels like someone is missing...

I'm a good mom. What makes me good and not perfect are those Ooops moments.

Today Wendy was spotlighted in my Ooops moment. I received a call from her school at about 2:15 letting me know it was early release day and she was out of class at 1:50. What the secretary didn't say outloud was, DUH. Yea, I've known about this early release day for a couple years now so all I did was laugh out loud on the phone and smile at my girl when I walked into the office.

Jarrod was spotlighted many years ago when I was a single working mom. My little one was in a daycare that was near our home. One night I drove all the way home, got out of the car, and was asked "Where's Jarrod?" DUH. I jumped back in the car with a gasp and tore out of the driveway heading back the way I came. Seeing him that afternoon was somehow a bit more special.

Jesse's spotlight came early in his life, about a week old. My two boys and I headed to the shoe store, I parked, Jarrod and I got out, I locked the doors and we walked into the store. We wandered down the aisle and about 1-2 minutes passed. Jarrod asked "Where's Jesse?" at the exact moment I gasped as I darted to the front of the store, burst through the doors and threw open the sliding door on the van. DUH There lay my precious baby boy, sleeping.

I wonder who's missing me? Mahalo.

Giving support

Here are some links to things friends are doing - enjoy!! I will add them to the right side of the blog so you can find them anytime.

My friend Heather sings like an angel...

Her husband is quite the inventor...
www.soleclips.com or

and he sings, too!

My friend Melissa is "Saving the planet, one outfit at a time"

My friend Yvonne wants to make "Playtime an adventure"

My friend Lynn will help you create beautiful memory keepsakes


Mahalo for checking them out!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's in a name?

EW, my friend Tami brags about the delicious pulled pork she made. Ok, I know that pork can be yummy but the name, my goodness! Sorry, all I can picture in my head is some guy pulling his pud. Sorry! I know Tami's a good cook and the midwest has recipes that seem new to me, but I still suggested "falling pork" as apparantly the pork falls off the bone. There, isn't that better?

I was told I was almost named Carrie. During my youth I wished so hard that that was the name my parents chose. I had endless frustrations with the school forms, they never were long enough to accept my first name. Seems like an impossibility with today's names and how you are given 30 spaces for a name, but back in the early 70s I guess they thought everyone was going to be Tom, Dick or Jane. I could only fit "Stephan" most of the time so during roll call I was "Steven?" No fun for a young girl! Now I like my name. I haven't known many others over the years and you all know I like to be unique.

I hope my kids like their names. Jarrod was the first name on the list I asked his father to write. BOOM, I like it, that was easy. However, I do kind of wish we had gone with the more generic spelling of Jared, but I'll never trade my memories of my grandma calling him "Gerrard" due to the spelling we chose. We have found some actors and famous people with his exact name so that's kind of cool. He stands out, too, like his mama, he's quite unique. Wendy came into place with ease after some discussions between her daddy and I. We agreed on her middle name, after her great-grandmother, and we constantly gushed about how wonderful my cousin is and when we put my cousin's name with the ggma's name it was meant to be. Jesse would have been Jarrod Jr had my oldest had his way LOL! But we asked him to instead think of J-names and he came up with our youngest's name for us, as honestly, we were a bit stumped.

I remember all my dolls' names but not how I came up with them. When I was in school I wanted a nickname but no one ever came up with one (shrug? at least to my face LOL!). I grew up in a town that has a twin on Kuau'i, who knew?

Cats I've named: Delilah, Velcro, Veuleur, Sequoia. I don't remember my childhood goldfish names, forgive me, long gone swimmers.

In rehearsing for The Vagina Monologues I've read some names created for the vagina. Not a fan of "twot" but "coochie" is kind of funny! A friend calls hers a "hoohoo", and until age 5 my own daughter called it her "front bottom." Not sure women would go as far as men and give it a formal name, but you never know, do you?

What's in a name? Mahalo!