Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm seeing these colors in kits being offered at my favorite sites and I thought I'd piece a page together combining items from different designers. I love it!

Mahalo for hugs & kisses

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who's talkin here, anyway

So my dad, who can't smell (I didn't say "doesn't" smell because he does - teehee) basically says I need to stay indoors if I can't handle the way others are. That email made me grimace, then frown, then do that "hunh?" face, then I laughed because I remembered he has no idea what it's like to be trapped with smells. So I shot back my snide email and that's over.

But really, I have always been sensitive to aromas (taking up where Dad was left?) and if I am in the midst of an offensive smell I wrinkle my nose and cough. I can be subtle - YES I CAN - but sometimes I think we have to wonder how those who have that pungency don't realize it or act like "it's not me." You stink, have some compassion for those who smell. Hey, that's kind of funny!

Anyway, this is my space, my world, my rules (within reason of the Blogger site regulations of course...) I want to vent about old bitties who stank up rows upon row in the department store making me wish I had air spray in my purse and I could spritz along behind them, so I vent. It's not a pretty thing to talk about but it was a recent event and I just don't share enough of those, do I?

A decent recent event is I get compliments all the time on my hair, the style, cut, color. I'm getting a bit irked at this. (Oh no, here she goes again!) I like my hair now but it's out of my control. It's mostly all white hairs that lay differently than the brown hairs I grew up with. These just drape down my head, not stringy, not too wavy, just drapey. They don't take color very well and as I tried about 6 months of "being grey" I thought I'd rather look under 40 than over 50, so dying my whole head means I get color strong on the last brown hairs but the whites take in very little to none. And that means that I get "natural" highlights. To top it off, I can't afford salons right now so I hit Super Cuts. For most of my life I struggled with hairdo's, hairdon't, hair color, hair length, hair habits, on and on, but now that I have nothing to do to my hair but dip some color on it, wash it every couple days, get it cut every 5-6 months, I get complimented!!! Take it where you can get it? Ok, when will people start complimenting my Big Mama butt, big calves, crows feet? I can handle it now. Bring it on.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crusing the fabric jungle...

So I went clothes shopping the other day and I ended up smiling to many women, most of whom where my mother's age with some sort of smell to them. Along with many other inventions I have in mind for certain people, I would love to install a smell detector in the doorways of persons over a certain age for certain reasons, certain strong reasons. Sheesh! One can't stay cooped up at home but perhaps not visiting enclosed areas for a while would be a good idea. Then I get bombarded with Sung...gag! That perfume should be sold only with a strict instruction manual so that no more than the lightest pass on the skin with a cotton swab would ever be applied during any 24 hour period. That stuff is potent, ladies! Blech. Oh, and I had a friend who didn't wear deodorant. How do you handle that one? She stinks but sits next to you on the sofa as you listen to music and she gets up to get the phone and the breeze helps the aroma revisit you. Do you tell her to get real? Do you remember to hold you breath every time she moved around the room or gave you a hug? I sure hope my friends can't copy and paste this one about me, if so, so sorry. Burn incense.


Mahalo for looking at my babes!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I don't understand some people, i.e. my mom, and I guess I never will. It's far more than tomato/tomahto, high road/low road, leader/follower, oil/water. But it is all of those things, too. It's a sticky web...with thorns...and disapproving eyes...undermining and disorienting. It's not all negative, perhaps. But it's usually those on the outside looking in who have anything pleasant to add. I can't take what is thrown at me from so removed a position. Anything added is diluting to the structure and it's truth between two will never be understood by foreign beings. We two, we swirling, magnificent, hungry, put-offish, strong, opposite beings, we are the center of our own hell.

Sorry if this is a drag, but not every day is over the rainbow! Mahalo.

Friday, January 4, 2008

An Album - not book, not record

This blog is turning into an outlet for my pages and I hope you don't mind my distractions as I post pics of whatever I like!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008