Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How's that?

Well, it's the end of the year so I thought I'd post so updates and pages. Update on the job front is that I'm working at a wonderful new store, Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment!

I love being in the store, helping people, organizing. Melissa is a great boss and wonderful friend and we fully expect to make something of our place!

Jarrod got his iPod back from pending his report card. Teachers and parents know he's an A student, why doesn't he? He's going out to dinner tonight with his girlfriend and her family, to be home by 1a (wow, growing up!) Wendy's fairing the vacation well and is being very creative, and Jesse is anxious to get back to school but is still making fun at home daily. Everyone loved their gifts and seeing family for the holidays.

Alas, Aloha is gone but always in my heart. I vow to not get another cat until I can pay for vet bills in cash, I was not prepared for his needs and now he is happy with a family that can take full care of him. What a love he was; Jesse still talks about him almost every day. Shhhh, they think he ran away.
A friend has me off and running on Facebook and I'm having fun with it. Meeting up with people from way back, new friends here and afar. Just another outlet but it seems I've been neglecting little bloggy boo, oops!

Plans for the new year include all the good stuff and none of the bad. How's that?!
Mahalo a nui loa!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I did. Walked out smiling. Felt good.

Doing the math, turns out my oldest won't be able to vote for a Prez in 2012. Misses it by a month. But, he'll get tons of support from me to vote on everything local and otherwise until the presidential election in 2016. GAWD, that sounds like forever away! And yes, when he shows me his "I Voted" sticker I'll cry. Just like I did when he first attended preschool, regular school, got his first KF belt, first girlfriend, and so on.

Mahalo for choices!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not exactly

I went to see if my camera was ready. Not exactly. I was told 7-10 days originally, oops, wrong information, it's more like 3-4 weeks.

I took Jesse out in his pj's to get some fast food for dinner. He said he was breaking a rule by wearing his pj's out. Not exactly. But his reasoning was that police buy donuts during nighttime, too.

I trimmed the trees in the backyard to stop the squirrels from going onto our roof. Not exactly. Now they jump.

I am applying for an average of three jobs a day hoping to get responses, interviews. Not exactly. I rarely even get an acknowledgement of having received my resume, much less an interview for a great worker who just happened to raise kids for 8 years (but who still has mad skills LOL).

You can either think that there are obstacles or new things to learn. I choose learning. My parents would be so proud.

Mahalo for making your own way!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Witchy poo

Yep. My face! Aren't these fun? I do feel like the layouts sometimes: green, groaning, griping. I think that's the fun of dressing up on Halloween (or whenever!). You get to explore inner self, the one who hides when company's over or during meetings. You know, the one who laughs at him/herself when walking out the door with bed head or mismatched socks, who loves to wear that funky hat the kids shake their head at. I don't what I'm going to be for Halloween, maybe I'll just be myself - SCARY!!!!!!!!!!
Mahalo for make believe!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Put out

Today I've put out some long sleeved shirts and jackets for a warm clothing collection. I also included an empty egg carton for my friend's chickens. Also on my porch are personal care items for Loaves & Fishes. I dropped four bags of clothes, toys and household items off at Goodwill. I have two cans of paint to give away and need to drop off a cute tutu for someone that asked for a while ago. I'm going to list some furniture for sale on Craigs List (LOVE that site!!) so that there is room to breathe and play and run because that's all my kids want to do, not sit and admire the funky pieces I've collected. I feel good being put out!

Mahalo for feeling good!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day - Let's talk about poverty

Ever feel like you are on the edge, nothing coming for you, no one helping? It's not true, there are many people waiting to hear from those needing help. Just a few words and you can get support in so many ways. I KNOW! I've reached out in times of need and have had that help. I've also been there for others who are in need, struggling, almost in despair.

Everyone's seen the people who stand on corners or street medians, with perhaps a raggedy pet, an old bike, a beaten up sign asking for help. I would give extra food or change if I had it, then something happened. I became judgemental about these people, always asking, begging, never seeming to move on, getting themselves to a new level. I was glad to receive a lesson from a Buddhist Monk, Gen Togden, who said that you honestly don't know what the person will do with what you give them. So they appear drunk all the time, perhaps this time they will buy food and you helped them do that. You can't know but you can help. And so I help when I can. If I can't give without hurting myself then I don't and I don't feel bad about it because I am in turn helping myself.

I am struggling. I am on the edge. But I am on the edge in a home, with family and friends around me. Others have so much less. If we spread our knowledge, our helping hands perhaps we can lift others up and feel better about ourselves, have a new understanding of how we are actually doing ok.

Think about what you CAN do. Follow the link at the top of this post. Offer some fruit from your over-abundant fruit tree to a food bank. Give away some extra clothing on Craigs List. Volunteer for one hour filling bags or greeting people or taking calls. Meditate and pray, live your best life and offer a hand.

Mahalo for open minds, open hearts, helping hands!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tricia's garden

Not a green thumb but green fists! Fists of fury growing goodies. Here are some pics I took while visiting:

Mahalo for great gobs of growing goodness!

Go here now


Friday, October 3, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I Suck

10. I want to see that homework is done

9. I call friends' homes to check up on whereabouts

8. I say bedtime is 9-9:30p on weekdays

7. Sometimes I can't give money to buy lunch on Jesus Pizza Day

6. I don't allow too many purchases through iTunes

5. I call out the car window to say Have A Good Day

4. I didn't wash jeans I didn't know needed to be washed

3. I didn't get more OJ

2. I don't give up when I think a lie is being told

1. I take too many pictures, i.e. today's sneaky pic at right
But he loves me anyway!

Mahalo for lists!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Did you know

Did you know it's already October? I'm catching up, slowly but surely, dragging my feet into a new month, the month of leaves falling and Halloween (i.e. CANDY). Today is overcast and it even sprinkled this morning. Fresh air being blown in/over/around and I love it. The cast of shadows is uneven and leans far over and I love it. Needing new windshield wipers is not fun but stepping in puddles is. Cleaning the backyard for future rain isn't fun but the fresh look when I'm done is. The kids will start getting excited about Halloween movies and decorations and changing their minds on costumes every day. Fall colors abound, especially in scrapping material, and I'm not quite ready for all the reds, golds, and browns. Who added purple to Halloween, anyway? It's neat but I'm not ready for it, either. I want the teals of the ocean and yellows of sunsets, blue jeans and white puffy clouds. Rainbows and lollipops! Where was I going with this? Ah yes, did you know it's October?

Mahalo for calendars!

Monday, September 29, 2008

(insert word here) Wars

Star Wars is huge with my youngest two right now and I did have something to do with it. I can't help it, SW was huge to me Back In The Day, and now it's time to pass the torch - no, the light saber. Jesse attended a birthday party yesterday and came home with a Darth Vader mask and he's thrilled to pieces! The eye holes are covered in red film and he is discovering how IRL colors change through the film. Wendy can do a great impression of R2-D2's bleeping and booping and she can wield a saber with the best of them. I'm hoping to get her to be Princess Leia this year for Halloween and steer her away from Hannah Montana. Not that HM is bad but Leia, come on, she's a classic! Jarrod is over the play but still enjoys the movies. He has the type of mind that remembers every detail from books and movies and helps me when I falter in my movie memories and corrects me on names (I'm so bad with names!). Mark loves SW, too, so it's a total family affair. I let the younger two watch part of Space Balls, that is until the language got to be too much, and now they're seeing ads for Thumb Wars. What's next? We'll probably watch it!

Here are some recent pages, enjoy!

Mahalo for movie magic!
For the products I use in my layouts, please visit my Scrapgirls gallery:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Such a pretty kitty

I am bummed he has grown so fast since we got him but he's such a great looking cat. He's a short hair, so soft, and his big ears are constantly moving. His eyes didn't turn green but are gold with a green rim around the pupil. He's my pretty boy! He follows me around the house, if he's active he'll pounce on my legs and walk between my feet as I go. If he's mellow he'll just walk behind me and jump onto any surface where he thinks I'm going to sit. He rubs against my legs when I'm doing the dishes and reaches up the cupboard door between me and sink. If I'm sitting at the computer he is on my lap, or on a chair nearby. He naps anywhere, any time. He's getting higher when he jumps and we've found him in spots we didn't realize he could get to, crazy cat. I love him!

Mahalo for kittens!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"Which Star Trek Character Are You" quiz:

Your results:
You are Deanna Troi
Deanna Troi
Jean-Luc Picard
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Sulu
Beverly Crusher
Will Riker
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Scott
You are a caring and loving individual.
You understand people's emotions and
you are able to comfort and counsel them.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Get him!

Jarrod's very first Sanchou Tournament was today and I was thrilled to watch him! I was surprised at how I was really yelling and cheering him on, telling Jarrod to GET HIM (the other guy). I abhore fights, boxing and the like. But this martial arts school has taught Jarrod many things, among them to not purposefully hurt someone but to do the techniques in the correct manner, respect fellow students, honor the traditions. He's a black belt in Kung Fu and has won medals in that before. Today it was about a type of kick boxing and very different than regular sparring. Each participant was noticeably tired before the end of each round, they dripped with sweat and had flushed cheeks. But each was also full of life and energy while moving around the mats. Sure, exhausted in the end but glowing with pride from a performance well done.

Mahalo for doing your best! for the details on my pages

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One ringy dingy

My phone is getting old. Now when the battery dies the sound turns off and I had been forgeting that fact so I missed calls. But the other day while I was home I purposefully left it on vibrate and set it on the desk. When someone called it buzzed against the wood. It wasn't very loud and there was no ring tone associated with the caller. I appreciated that. When I left to pick up the kids from school I put the phone in my pocket. What a crack up to say "My butt's vibrating" and grab for the phone. I have had my fair share of money collectors calling in years past and have done some sales over the phone which I was not comfortable with. Those facts, along with my preference to type rather than talk, mean that I have a slight aversion to the phone but the vibrating helped alleviate some of it. I have resolved to allow myself the relief of not hearing any ring tones, bells, or songs. Those things made me Ringy Dingy but now I'm all abuzz with good vibrations!

Mahalo for personal settings!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The signs are invisible

Since every flat surface in our house gets piled with toys and papers I thought perhaps there were signs telling the family to do this. But I can't find the signs so they must be invisible to me. I can't find the one that tells the younger two kids to leave their toys on the floor and my older son to stock his couch with clothes, blankets, homework. Surely there are explicit directions and they've followed them to a T since it's never something I've told them to do and every day it's the same. Shoes and backpacks block the entry way in a manner that prohibits just walking to and from the front door so there must be a pattern they're following for that space. The living room floor does have a scattering of items but most end up in the path that we take from the kitchen to the backyard, a very specific area, built up with plastic people, wooden tracks, stuffies, costumes, cars and bits of Lego. The Lego is the true hazard as they can hide until you step right on them and then OUCH! So that area is basically a trap. The dining table collects papers brought home from school (do we parents need to see EVERYTHING they do??), small toys from fast food restaurants (and I am not the parent who allows toys from ffr), and the range of toys I just mentioned. We can't eat there among the pile so the plan must be a frustrated Mom who, by the time she cleans it off, agrees to any snack they're asking for because she's busy. The small entry table is like San Francisco building on landfill, it holds way more than it's supposed to. The kitchen counter is the worst offense in my eyes, I mean, it's the k i t c h e n. Why bring toys and papers in there to begin with? Whatever is driving them to do these things I feel like I'm swatting at air trying to take down all the signs. I've made my point too many times for them to just ignore my instructions on "putting away". Right? Mahalo for Mom's healthy back!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shop til you drop!

I am opening a store of my own in this fantastical virtual world and I am sooooo excited!!!!!!

I am creating greeting cards to start, my style, my way but I hope you like them. I'll be adding items, more artwork, photography, etc, as I get the hang of it all.

You can visit my store here:

But remember, it's brand spanking new. I'm working on my logo and will have products updated ASAP (in my world that's within a couple of days but you can still bookmark my store!) for you to browse. Baby steps!

Mahalo for opportunities!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday!!

Oh, how I've missed these past couple weeks! Just a wee peek at this things week. Next week, who knows? How funny, both Apron Queen and I started our first sentences the same!

Visit her blog and enjoy apron goodness and others' VTT collections!

Here are some pics of older books, the first is a collection of childrens' books, the other is adult paperbacks. I didn't have time to spread them out and show you their loving wear and sweet pics. A completely random book I picked up is "Financial Report and Report of the Comptroller of the Currency. 2nd Session. 41st Congress." It's dated 1869-1870 and was a gift from Congrss to University of California in 1883. Did you know there used to be two and three cent coins, some made of bronze? AMAZING reading! I love old books!

Isn't the little horsey just too cute? Looks like I need to rearrange these beauties. I shoved them up high in kind of a hurry to get them away...from you know who ;-)

Some of these have been well read, again and again. Others are in like new condition (except for the yellowing pages, of course). I have many "classics" that I make available to my kids.

Mahalo for literature!

I blame the cat

My piles of paper have fallen over. I blame the cat because he used the to get down from the window. Paper piles are not steps.

Well, the kids began school! I am THRILLED! They are happy with their teachers, their schools, we've been getting up timely in the morning, if not always chipper. The car broke down so we're walking which turns out to be an ok thing. Well, until tomorrow when it reaches over 100F. I'll blame the cat.

Here's my high schooler on his first day. Rush, rush, "I'm too old", no way, no standing for a picture but at least I got this one and was able to scrap it. My baby!! My baby is playing football for the school team. He told the positions he likes to play (I forgot). I have all the paperwork and dates but I'll ask him what's going on when he walks in the house, all the same. His girlfriend is going to another school so I wonder what will become of this 3 year off-and-on couple (he won't tell me so I have to wonder).

Hi, I'm blonde again! I found a box that was a one step process. Anything easy but does what I want? I'm on it! Plus, I thought the white hairs would grow in more blendy to blonde than a darker color.

The little ones having a brief moment of quiet and fun play. I worked for a friend and they came along. Good thing the job was at an indoor play place! Not to say they played all day, heavens no. That wouldn't be my kids (or any siblings, I suppose). Some old fashioned time outs, some talks, some separation, some taking things away, yea, it was what it was. Not bad ;-)

My youngest turned 5 years old! Wowzers, hard to believe he's not my huggy squishy kissy infant toddler anymore. Good thing, though, he is still the kissy and huggy part! He's in Kindergarten, doing his best to make everyone smile. He's not as far along as most kids in the class in writing or drawing but he's a smart kid. He will get things in his own time. The brain's working if not the fingers. He knows numbers, ABCs, and spells and reads a bit. It's going to be a year of real growth!

So I'm looking for a job. Got one for me? No babysitting, no sales, no corporate dress, no early, no repetitive work, no mornings or late nights, no dogs in the office, no sitting all the time, no long distance or travel. Is there anything left?

Mahalo for paychecks! for my layout details please!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Trying to appease two kids who clearly did not want to get wet by someone else's antics and yet loved squirting others, Mark took the hose and said "Ok, whoever walks over here has to walk through the waterfall." Wendy excitedly asks "The Waterfall of Doom?"

Jesse asked Mark "Do you want me on your team?" Mark replied "Yes". Jesse said "Ok, then beg for me to join your team."

Playing with his new magnetic car, Jesse says "His weap-abilities, meaning what his weapons are, are to be able to pick stuff up."

Mahalo for being a kid!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Green paw prints

Smudgy green paw prints all over our floors this morning. Hmmmm. When I got out of bed I heard a quieted commotion in the kitchen so of course the first thing out of my mouth is "No experiments!" You know the kind, where half your spices disappear in a wash of juice, fruit squeezings and ketchup. "It's ok. We're not doing an experiment." Then in hushed tones I overheard "I think we should tell Mommy the truth..." Louder: "Well, we only did one but we're cleaning it up right now." And so I arrive to the cleaned up area, having followed the path of smudgy green paw prints. Ok, not following exactly or I'd be dizzy; that cat gets around. The prints end at the carpet so either he walked lightly or wore most of the liquid off while skidding around the linoleum and tile. That's a good sign, right? So, was it that our cat is an alien with green blood and got a cut on his paw? Was it another cat all together, say a Leprecat? Nope, the experiment was the printing of the paws. I'm glad we don't let them play with electricity.

Mahalo for food coloring!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Scenes of the Jesster

Mahalo for the youngest! is where you'll find the details and designer names of the products I used in my digipages.

What a drag

So my youngest decided he's big enough to drag a chair over to the kitchen counter and get himself whatever he needed from the cabinet. WOW! Wendy has been doing this since she was...what, one? LOL! That's ok, Jesse comes into his own in his time. He can rattle off the ABCs, count, knows all numbers by sight (multi-digit), can do puzzles, plays games, etc. Last year all he wanted to do was play, play, PLAY! So a couple of months can do him wonders. I can't wait to see what he's like after Kindergarten which starts in 3 weeks. So he climbed onto the chair and got himself whatever, didn't put the chair back at the table but I figured for his first expedition that was fine. What heights will he reach in the coming year?

Wendy loves to draw. Sometimes she chooses to draw on paper but sometimes I am her canvas. Cool. It feels tickly to have the soft pen tips run along my arm, back, legs. She gets creative with whatever she's doing, adding water drips, makes "prints" onto paper towels. I get to be on the computer at the same time so it's win-win! She likes to lean on me and that can be painful when an elbow hits my shin bone but I wince and move her a bit, all's well. When she's done, she's done, no going back, nothing but pride over her work. She steps away and here I sit, decorated like a Xmas tree.

Jarrod grew, again. Went to Grandma's for three days and came back tallerererer. He doesn't have to stand on anything anymore to get stuff, in fact, I call him when I need something that I can't reach! But recently he wouldn't lend a hand. I asked him to climb into the pine tree to knock down some pinecones for a craft. Nope. Not going up, didn't even get three steps up the ladder before he came down and refused to climb again. So up I go, in my flip flops, hanging onto rough bark with my long nails, standing on the one branch Jarrod specifically said I should NOT stand on (you'll break it!). I bounced on the branch while he ran away but he came back when I asked him to at least pick up what I knock down. He told me he's running the story in his head, the one he'll tell the paramedics when he has to call 911 because I fell. That just makes me smile, because Wendy is just like me, part mountain goat. Mom won't fall, son won't have to weave a silly tale.

We took a 1 hour road trip yesterday and Jesse and Wendy didn't: scream, fight, throw, argue, cry, whine, hit, kick, or get sick! I was so impressed with this attitude (on both the ride up and back) that I took them cream when we got back! That's huge for all of us as I am not usually the sweet treat parent, but I just couldn't let my appreciation go without acknowledgement. I didn't promise anything for good trip, it just worked out that way.

Mahalo for new stuff!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A view of my own

Sometimes I focus on the negative and scramble away from it. Other times my rose-colored glasses help me see the goodness that abounds. When I look through my camera I see what eventually ends up on my pages or printed on matte paper. I feel I have been given a special gift to find joy in these sights, to feel peace over a portrait or smile at a sunset. It's my personal view of what everyone else sees, but different ;-)

Mahalo for light and shadows!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Apronicity abounds! Please check out VTT's hostess site and enjoy the other VTT listers.

I am thrilled to be sharing the following with you! I found this set in my great-grandmother's apartment under my grandmother's house in SF. I loved them from first sight, have never used them but I do display them. I love the gentle sheen of pewter and have collected other pewter objects since these family pieces were found.

This set has clean lines with a couple of small embelishments. The cream and sugar (I assume) stack. There was no lid to the cream so I don't know if one is missing or not. The larger bowl has two small cherries on the lid, so cute! The tea pot has a wrap of some sort around the handle. It looks like a natural fiber but it's shiny or coated, but it's completely in tact. The bottom of each piece is stamped: Hanle & Debler - Distinctive American Pewter

This next piece almost looks to belong to the set but it doesn't. It's a heavier piece, no lip on the bottom, it has a spoon and natural form handle on the lid (is it an apple? a pomegranate? a persimmon?). The inside of this bowl and the spoon are both diveted and scraped but I don't know how or why. This one piece is stamped: Handmade Danish Quality Pewter Made in the USA, Queen's Art Pewter, Brooklyn NY. It is also number stamped: 135

Mahalo for mysterious memories!

Wearing white

I am so impressed with myself, wearing white tops and no spills, no stains, no smudges. Am I learning to eat with that big gap of drippy burger meals? Am I skipping by the joke glasses with the hole in the rim? Am I catching every last crumb, hoover maneuver?

Not sure what it is but my nails are also growing. Mine have white tips, once they pass the nail bed, and they're showing up pretty good right now. Perhaps they're happy with the gentle pressure of computer keys, perhaps not spilling is keeping them extra clean...

Ok then! That's enough of that! There are some things I am paying attention to but after they begin and while they continue to happen. I'm not foreseeing anything nor predicting but riding alongside myself staring wildly at whatever comes up, nodding my head, doing that frowny-approval-smile. Pretty cool, pretty clean, pretty white.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

So many wonderful VTT's out there. Yes, we vintagers find each other and spread the word!

Visit Apron Queen's site:

My stack of vintage suitcases make me want to book a cruise!

The cases have patinas both soft and warm. The subtle signs of use along with desination stickers and initials have me wondering where the cases have been, who they belonged to, what they carried. Oh the thoughts I can think!

They were all given to me by different people. The "Short Trip" travel case holds my maternal grandmother's jewelry and when I open it I smell the musky scent of her favorite perfume. I love this as I miss her very much.

The other cases I don't use to store anything, they are set about the house just looking good. I don't have their keys to the the locks but all the latches work. The blue case is in the best shape, even the fabric lining is in tact. The cream case is a hard shell (leather over wood?) and has no major damage on the outside although the handle's leather has been worn off a bit. It has a sticker from a travel line and the inside is less worn that the brown case. The brown case is less substantial overall, the top is weak and there is some wear on the opposite end from the handle. It is smooth to the touch but for the light weave that makes up the outer shell. I have no idea why it has the blue line painted on the corner. It does have a sticker that shows it went from London to San Francisco along with a very worn tag on the handle and a sticker from Hawaii.

Mahalo for memories held in luggage!