Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why am I here?

Can you take the sticker off the banana?
We want to eat it.
Then I can just peel it for you. (peel, hand back)
But we want to share it. I get half, he gets half.
Oh. (finish peeling, break in two pieces and give one to each)

We want to go outside.
Ok but you need to put your shoes on.
But I'm in my socks, I'm fine. It's ok.

Let's go brush your teeth.

Time to get up and get dressed.
I don't want to!
It's getting late and you have to get to school.
I hate school and I'm never going!
Ok, I'll get dressed.

I'm hungry.
We'll go home and make some lunch.
I want a cheeseburger.
We're not buying a cheeseburger. We have food at home.
I don't want food at home!
How about a PB&J?
Ok! Let's go home!

Pick up your toys all over the floor.
So no one steps on them and they don't get broken.
But I'm so tired and my legs hurt.
Someone else might get hurt if they step on a toy.
But see? You can walk right around it or jump over it!

Let's go to the potty.
I don't have to go!
Come one.
Here, sit down.
Hurry! I have to go really bad!

Why am I here again? Mahalo if you know.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What did I learn over the Thanksgiving vacation?

1. My parents are not "gathering" types; i.e. they suck at holidays.

2. I can lay down at any time of the day and fall asleep.

3. I really can eat too much spinach dip in one sitting. But the next day I'm at it again.

4. I need to plan playdates for the Christmas vacation ASAP.

5. Five people can create three loads of dishes on a holiday.

6. Black Friday means nothing to me.

7. The kids can get their own breakfast.

8. Homework may be lurking in backpacks.

9. The kids need more chores assigned to them.

10. I miss my extended family (who were in Hawaii, let's all send them a raspberry, shall we?)

Page just 'cause...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's up with that?

Can bread really make me that tired? Is it hormones? There's supposed to be no such thing as "make up" sleep but geez, being exhausted by 7p two nights in a row is something to question. What's up with that? I hope it's not my current craving for Trader Joe's sourdough bread because it's soooo good. As toast, a cheese sandwich, with fresh basil, or a simple PB&J, it's delicioso! I can eat a loaf in a few days yummmmmm.

Played a hilarious game at a baby shower today. Passing the piggybank for the new baby you put in a coin if you have done what one person says they haven't done, and around the bank goes. Kerplink, coins for the baby is a good thing. Laughing out loud as honesty is required is just too funny!

On the way home from the shower I gave in to temptation. Not TJ's but a garage sale. Hey, they were "open" until 4p and it was only 3 which I took as a big bold sign to head in. I walked away with some great stuff as the previous browsers either had 1) no taste 2) no creativity 3) not enough time to browse thoroughly. Poor them as I made out and will be getting creative with layers of tulle, reading some classic books, drinking from sweet ivory ceramic cups, watching ET, and posting a huge wooden "START" sign for my son's car toy races. FUN!

Tonight's theme is apparently Delicious Fun. Speaking of which the cake at the shower was sweet as can be, covered in marzipan with cream in the middle, mmmmmm. That was after a delicious vegetarian meal of samosas, tomato and cucumber salad with feta, macaroni with zucchini and carrots, a wonderful curry salad, and humus with pita slices. I washed it all down with sparkling lemonade, not too sweet, not too tart. I think most of us had seconds!

My daughter started her list for Santa today. Not good, it was started after a bout of commercials, althought she did include dresses and new pajamas. I love the last couple months of the year. You can quit buying things for the kids and just say "put it on the list." And faithfully, they do. Santa's a frugal buyer and sometimes speaks through me, guiding the kids towards certain items. I'm happy to help, Santa.

Wish me sanity. School's out next week. Mahalo.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More pages just because I love sharing them

Do I really have something to say?

When I read others' blogs I'm amazed at the drama, comedy and other goings on from just everyday life. I think to myself that once in a while I have something to share but my day in and day out business isn't all that, certainly not enough to write about. Shame on me! Lazy butt. Maybe I just need to take notes as my memory can be quite limited and I usually don't like recounting my waking hours. But yes, there are some pretty funny things that happen, I am laughing every day. Daily drama is also there with our two strong female personalities and the struggles we endure, but the guys create their own, too.

One great laugh that I have been repeating to others is from my friend. She was watching my youngest and took him with her to a Dr appt for her kids. My son insisted that they were not at his doctor, that his doctor is in a different place. For the mom, this was quite obvious but she played along and asked him the name of his doctor. He replied "Insomnia". This is hilarious because Dr Insomnia's is a local coffee shop!! Goes to show you how well he knows my coffee stops and how darned cute it is to be four years old.

Yesterday I spent hours shopping for makeup and one pair of pants. I haven't bought makeup in years and was a bit overwhelmed with my choices and how those choices matched my funds. I used the internet and watched a couple videos on how to apply makeup as I had been self-taught and thought that at 40 I should look less like an experimenting preteen and more like a woman with some know-how. So I ended up buying a couple quality items that will last me a while, should I decide to glam it up again. I had to get the pants because my one other pair of black slacks were too tight. The only bummer to me was that I had take the time and money to shop for another pair. My weight fluctuates so I try not to get down because sometimes clothes fit and other times not. Good news? This same week I had to pull in the waist of a pair of shorts. See? No worries.

A really big step coming up that we have just confirmed is our daughter will be heading to second grade after the Thanksgiving break. Her tests and abilities confirm she is ready for higher education so while her stint in first grade will have been short, it was well worth while. I am so thankful to her first grade teacher who listened to my concerns and addressed them all. Kudos to the school for allowing this movement as it's not standard but it is the best for our daughter who can get herself into trouble if allowed to get bored. May she continue to thrive!

I've been letting some really nice people come into my life recently and it feels good. I am aware of my own potential to shy away from social situations, my hormones which wreak havoc on my emotions and anxieties, but I keep coming back. I can't keep myself down. I don't want to keep myself down. I also don't want to build imaginary scenarios that are unrealistic so being capable of accepting myself, my goals, my current limitations, is a manner of peeling back those onion layers (right, Shrek?) and getting to know my comfort. One comfort is napping when I need to. I tried today but my mind was whirling so up I get, onto the computer, I have the car to finish cleaning out, some work to do, the house is quiet as everyone else is gone. Usually I'm a very capable napper (toddler moms would be so proud of me) but sometimes I have to let my busy mind get it all out. Sleep is good but fulfillment is better.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Remember I'm still little

I just heard "Remember I'm still little" from my youngest as he was told to put on his sandals and he wanted us to know that he hadn't learned how to put them on, yet. What a great way to think. I am going to use that for myself. I am still "little" in so many ways, there are things I haven't learned to do and I don't like feeling left out. I know I'm not stupid because I did get a gem of a line from therapy "There are no stupid questions." Love that! Anyway, there are things I have never been interested in so I've never bothered to think of questions, much less answers: retirement accounts, wills, insurance, mortgages, politics. Can you see a trend? "Adult" thoughts or things that come up as you are on your own, raising a family, looking toward the future. I've mentioned before how I sometimes feel that life comes at me, I'm not in control. I used to love being in a cocoon, that was until I felt lost once I left the comfy cozy innards for the harsh outside. When I do want to know about something I do go after it. Sometimes it's not what I had in mind so I drop it, like photography. So many details! I like it but not enough to bother with aperatures, I will slowly experiment on my own. I never did develop study habits, always flying by the seat of my pants. I had a hard time in school rewriting what I've read, from elementary school on. Even if I write my own fiction or poems if I begin to rewrite I'll end up recreating, no middle ground, no grey. I'm still little because I've allowed myself to be that way. I don't like competition, I prefer to be judged on an individual basis. I remember wanting to stand out from way back. I refused to like what was popular (music, books, icons) and even spazzed about having my own spoon. Gee, I loved that spoon. I don't have a problem telling others that I don't know about things and love to share information on things I have really delved into. I like being an individual. No mom, if my friends jump off a bridge I won't follow them. Unless it's something I already had been thinking about. Well, what do I know: I'm in control after all.

What have you been thinking about? Mahalo.