Saturday, September 29, 2007

Throught the looking glass

You never know what your reflection will be to someone else. Best intentions can be left twisting in the wind.

Doorknob: "Sorry. You're much too big. Simply impassable."

Alice: "You mean 'impossible'."

Doorknob: "No, impassable. Nothing's impossible!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wearing many hats

How many hats do you wear? We all have a variety of aspects in our daily duties, whether we stay at home with kids (at home, that's funny) or go off to work. Chauffeur, cook, organizer, personal shopper, manager, counselor, banker, etcetera.

At a meeting tonight I realized that some people add many, many hats for the benefit of all, for their community, for humanity. "Tight circles" of people come together again and again on panels, at forums, in meetings, and they work with hearts full of hope and minds that spin. They see The Big Picture and want change. They understand that it takes work and time, perseverance and tact. Each brings his or her own unique talent, showing off their hats in a modest manner as they speak or act. But having those hats is not for the right to brag or compete. They are balanced one on top of the other as a reminder to those whose heads hold them that one person can make a difference. We may not be able to see those hats when we wave hello to each other but we can know they are there.
If you want to add a hat, do so. Make sure that it fits you well. Mahalo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh, poop

Cast of characters - me, J2 (4yo boy), W (6yo girl)

First thing this morning -

J2: Mommy! You have poop on your bed!

me: (Thinking, WTH? I stretch my neck to see through the doorway because of course I'm going to the bathroom but he must have my attention right now) Oh, that's not poop, don't worry.

J2: How do you know it's not poop?

me: Because it's chocolate. (Oh geez! He got me. It's too early to for me to think of a creative answer and not spit out the truth.)

J2: (disappears, two footsteps down the hall and four back again) Look W! It looks like poop!

W: Mama! What did you do?

me: Honey, it's ok, it's not poop.

W: It looks like poop.

me: I know but it's not, it's chocolate. (Figure it's better to get the word "poop" out of the conversation, then immediately worry that I'll be bombarded with requests for chocolate in bed, yikes!)

W: Chocolate doesn't look like that.

me: Well, a piece came off the granola bar and then melted while I slept. (Great, now I admitted eating in bed and not cleaning up. It's too early for this!)

W: Oh.

J2: Oh. (four footsteps down the hall.)

me: (That was too easy. Tonight I must distract from thoughts of food, granola bars, chocolate and poop. Think, think think! Start planning now! I know, have Daddy put them to bed. - evil grin -)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby teeth

Hard to believe she's going to lose her second baby tooth shortly. In the photo above she was almost 17 months, she's 6 years old now. Her first tooth lost was a lower front and she actually pulled it out herself after wiggling it, poking and yanking on it. I wonder if the space between her front top teeth will remain when the "adult" teeth come in. I can't wait to see her partially toothless grin, her smile, what she tries to fit in the space and shows me her funky new look. The toothfairy drops more than a dime now-days but the holey smile and bright eyes the morning after are honestly priceless.
I thought about tying some thread to her first tooth to get it out for her. My dad did it for me, lassoed my tooth and tied the other end to the doorknob - SLAM - out flew my tooth! But being on the receiving end and actually doing it to someone are completely different. After I felt woozy from just the thought I was not only impressed that my daughter pulled out her own but relieved.
Whatever her smile turns out to be like, at the moment she is in love with floss so it's bound to be bright! Mahalo.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Balancing act

Isn't it great when someone wants what you don't? For instance, I don't care for peanut M&Ms so someone (or many people) could eat them all and I'd be happily gorging on the plain ones. I won't eat the crusty end of my pizza but everytime I set them aside my daughter asks to eat them herself. If someone likes lemon in their restaurant water, more power to them, but please don't pollute my glass; more lemon for the seafood dishes, right? I wouldn't dare put the dry cleaners presses out of practice by actually doing ironing. Have at those oak entertainment centers on Craigslist, I won't be bidding against you. Those funky lamps you thought no one in their right mind would keep all these years? I'll take 'em. There, we're friends!

There are sometimes I wish all was equal, everyone was on the same page. I won't get too deep or melodramatic about our earth's resources, how humanity treats humanity. I'll get real for ya: chores. Why is there always one person (me) who ends up caring about whether chores are done? Caring means I'll act on them, darn it. What I do makes a difference in everyone's lives but because it's done they don't notice me doing it, and if I ask for help the response is usually "Why?". Am I balancing their lives by doing what I do, in that since it's done for them they can go off and live their lives? Sometimes I feel that I have no life beyond cleaning up, organizing, assigning tasks and answering the dreaded "Why?".
It must have been done for me because I don't remember having chores assigned to me growing up. My mom, behind the scenes, doing all those things that helped me live my life in so many ways, she was crazy. I honestly don't remember having to be part of the big picture. I will not take on that same quiet roll in my house. I expect participation in preparation for my kids' lives on their own. It took me forever to understand what needs to be done and when, all by myself when I left home and stepped in to the great big dirty world. That won't be my kids. I bet they think I'm crazy. Mahalo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

No 'scuses

Ok Ricky, no 'scuses. I am addicted to downloading graphics after the kids go down and then I get sleepy and toddle off to bed without paying homage to the old blog. I have tons to say so it's funny that I am not blogging more often, but I guess I've designated late nights and so will have to move the time slot. See? It's working already ;-)

I love Lucy! Don't you? She was such a great actress, so natural on screen as Lucy. Her earlier films were good, even though she was blonde. I was even devoted to her later TV programs, too, but they're hard to find now, or maybe I just don't stay up late enough!

Within the last couple years I've known two baby girls to be named Lucy, and just today my daughter named her new horse (horse head on a stick, whee fun!) Lucille. Let's celebrate. Ricky, do the Babaloo! Mahalo.

Oh, and a little local politics for y'all. I'm voting for Don:

Friday, September 21, 2007


My daughter has always had a mind of her own, a style of her own. I admire her for it. I have good laughs over it, sometimes, and I've learned to not fight it. Boots are her favorite footwear, she wore out the last pair. I just had to get her a new pair (oooh, and they were on sale, too) and except for PE days they're on her feet. She has dress up clothes, fancy dresses, scarves, hats, purses and makeup. Some days I get to be her fashion subject and even though I feel like a beauty school drop out she claims I'm beautiful and glamorous. Through her eyes there is a seamless stretch of outfits and "looks", a never-ending show of individuality.

My stylin' girl. Mahalo.

Come in, co-pilot

During the weekdays I have my very own co-pilot. He's cute, he's smiley, he's four. Come in, co-pilot, come in...

"Mommy, are you speeding? Turn on some rock-n-roll! Wheee, I can feel the wind. I locked my door. Where are my cars? Can you turn up this song? My hands are cars and they like the wind. Look at that big truck! Mommy, are you speeding? How big am I? I want to go in the person's house. Do I go to school? I don't want any more of my muffin. Can I have my water, please? Does Grant have school today? I don't have to go potty. Look at my feet, they like the music. I love you. Are you speeding? I want to visit the grandma with the cat. What day is it? Can we go to the park? I don't like coffee, but I like my water "coffee". Don't sing. I saw some cows and a baby cow, they're funny. Are we going downtown? Do I know this person whose house we're going to? I like to go fast! Mommy, are you speeding? I want to go to McDonald's and I can have a cheeseburger and you can have a cheeseburger that's a hamburger. Am I four? Sing "This Old Man". See this (plastic tube)? It's a limosine and it's catching the air! I have air in here, now, isn't that cool? Do you want to see it? Are we turning this way or that way?"
I'd be lost without him! Mahalo.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yep, you're wet

It rained today, not much but enough so that I had to move some wooden items in our yard to under the house eaves or into the garage. I had a drop or two fall onto my glasses which didn't really bother me as much as it used to (mellowing in my old age?) My hair didn't frizz (too many whites?) My feet weren't cold in my rubbery slip-ons (they're never cold, can I feel them at all?) The windshield wipers need to be replaced but they moved enough water to see. The tires spun at one point and I remembered my hazardous driving skills. (Well, I got off the gas and waited a second and then tried again. Do I qualify for my race permit now?!)

In the afternoon the rain had stopped, replaced by beautiful blue sky behind fluffy white clouds and some low lying grey mist. There had not been enough sun, though, to dry all the puddles. While I chose to step around them my youngest made a different choice. A four year old's choice: stomp in the puddle a couple of times and then sit in it. By the time he got up and came over to me his feet, pants, and sleeves were soaked. He was whining. I laughed and said, yep, you're wet. I didn't have any towels and didn't know what else he expected from me. I guess my laugh was contagious because he smiled back. I had acknowledged his dripping self and that done, he headed back to see if he could get wetter. Yep, he did. Mahalo.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


How can you not immediately smile at a book entitled "Sheep in a Jeep"? I was smitten at first glance and bought it to share with my kids. I'll keep it on our bookshelf long after they've moved onto chapter books, and once in a while as the kids rush past me on the phone or headed out the door I'll wave it at them and say "Remember how cute this book was?" In reponse I'll get a wave, if I'm lucky. But I'm resilient so just because they don't plop down next to me on the couch, put an arm around my neck, rest an ear on my shoulder and ask to Please read it again, Mommy, I won't make a booboo face (but apparently my grammar will regress, sheesh). I'll read it to myself. Then again, that's why I bought it in the first place.

by Nancy Shaw, illustrated by Margot Apple:

Sheep In a Jeep

Sheep Out to Eat

Sheep In a Shop

Sheep On a Ship - Ooooh, I need to get this one!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Go team

I don't "get" sports. Personally, I don't like competition. It's like gambling to me; I get all worked up and then very let down. Yuck! Yea, I know, it's supposed to be about doing your best and sportsmanship. Uh hunh. It's football season (right?) and so not the time for sportsmanship so give me a break. It's about stats, bets, screaming for good and bad, for eating and drinking, spending too much for tickets or special programming. My maternal grandparents were sports fans and my mom likes sports. Voices of vintage TV and radio sportscasters still ring in my ears from the times I was left to myself because "the game (was) on" and the adults were busy so shush and did you see that play?!

I walked away from my first and only gymnastics meet, never even opened the door. And while I have attended a few professional games over the years it was never my idea to do so; I went along to ask stupid questions and get more confused. But here, now, I admit that I do root for two teams: The 49ers and The Giants. My Grandma Margaret proudly displayed her team logo outfits each season and for a small woman she had a big cheer and huge devotion. So for her, and to bug my husband who roots for the Raiders and The A's, I will say a YAY for wins and a BOO for losses for Grandma's teams. Um, which one is playing now? Oh, go team. Mahalo.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kitty cats

I grew up with two cats and I adored them. Big Red was a male with orange and white stripes. He was a fiesty fellow but allowed you pet him, he really played the cat part well. I remember he liked barbeque chips. I fed him some on a warm summer evening while sitting on our front steps. His sister, Nehemiah, was mostly white with some black, orange and brown splotches. She was a love. Her ears were white and later in life she lost the tips to cancer; she looked like a furry confused seal, the poor dear. Big Red was hit by a car and had to be put to sleep. My memory is that a neighbor drove while my mom cradled him in her arms and cried over him. Nehemiah lived a long life, even in her earless state; in fact, almost too long. In the end she was decrepit, shaky, and peed herself. Nasty, but in my eyes still a love.

About five years ago my husband and I took in a kitten from a friend. She was a rambunctious cat from the start and would jump up our toddler daughter's back (both of them loved that game) and woud chase anything dragged around. After a while we noticed our daughter was allergic and we gave the kitten away. Since then the only cat in our family belongs to my mom and her name is Weenie, yes, Weenie. Ok, so her brother (who ran away) was Hallow, she was Weenie (get it? Hey, I didn't name them!) Our kids love to visit this cat and our daughter doesn't get a reaction during her visits which is a relief.

Some day I'd like to have a cat (cats?) in our house again. The kids ask for it, our daughter tries to tell us she's definitely not allergic anymore, and I would welcome the chance to snuggle and stroke a soft feline friend. But the time isn't right, and so we shower Weenie with love and then wave goodbye until next time. Meow and mahalo.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Coffee chick

I am a coffee chick. I like coffee tastes and smells. Sometimes I hit the franchise for a frap, sometimes it's the corner shop for a drop. Here's a recent page I made dedicated to last Wednesday's coffee. Notice the four year old's finger trail through the whipped cream, mmmmm says he. Mahalo. copyright SK 2007

Look up, look down

photos copyright SK 2007

As you're walking, talking, thinking, planning, or just sitting still, take the time to see a new perspective. We all look ahead as we move forward through life. Looking back helps us learn and brings happy memories. But when is the last time you watched clouds unfurl, shifting shapes (is that a bunny?) or followed a bird's flight until it was beyond the horizon? When is the last time you noticed a perfect shell or appreciated the wind as it danced with fallen leaves? Now is the time to add these views to your life. Or if you liked to daydream as a child, bring these perspectives back into view and use them in a new way. Looking around means you're also slowing down your pace, your breathing, your mind. Every chance I get to take my camera and wander around and just "take notice", I am happy. Look up, look down, and you'll see that you're happy, too. Mahalo.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm a lucky girl

Gosh, there are nice people out there! I love walking around our city, stopping in different places and chatting it up. Not that I spew like my dad; he's more the politician/wise-cracker than he wants to admit. I enjoy finding things out and, in turn, sharing information. I've received advice, heard stories, exchanged pleasantries, shared a nod or shake of the head.

I have the time right now in my life to do this during the day and I usually have my sidekick along. My youngest is a social being, not always polite but never-the-less charming, funny, and sweet. I'll take the company and a periodic tantrum over not sharing this with him, any day. He's new, well he's four, and this whole social scene is kind of new for me. I have been able to spread my wings and change how I react to being out and about, to people and situations. I have taken care of myself and while I continue to struggle with some issues I must say, I'm a lucky girl. Mahalo.

Ready to work

Typing along, happy as can be. Surfing my way through the evening and dun dun dun dun it! Shark!!! Well, something bit. Cut its way into my poor computer and shut me off. Strange, I didn't see a fin, didn't hear the lifeguard's warning. I spent all the time I could trying to reconnect my baby but had to hand her over to another. It takes two, sometimes.

My baby's back! You didn't even notice the pause, did ya? Ahhh, nice fat keys, mouse, desk with papers, CDs, password folder. I'm ready to get back to work! Mahalo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Whenever the phone rings it's like Pavlov's dog - the kids come running towards me. As the brood heads my way full force they reach out to hit each other, miss their favorite TV show, get a mysterious new booboo, have to tell me something desparately important which means they must raise their voices and possibly cry. They land at my feet, pulling downwards on my arms, eyes pleading, voices either quivering or trying to break the sound barrier. And no matter where I turn my head, there they are. Haven't they heard my speech about when the phone rings they are supposed to turn to statues, quiet statues? Yes, they have.

There are printed directions on bars of chocolate on how to open the package. Well, it doesn't matter if a sliver of chocolate is doused in molton iron, stored behind a 5 foot thick wall of concrete in a 300 foot deep underground cave with a sulphur pool in front, that chocolate will be had. Grab here? Pull here? Do manufacturers not realize what they're packaging? Do you they have female employees who say "Don't bother, save the ink"? Yes, they do.

Some things will happen no matter what. Charlie, the answer is Yes. Mahalo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Actually I prefer free but here's a two-for-one post since I selfishly slept and typed only in my dreams yesterday.

Did someone say "free"? It hits a soft spot in my heart, I can't help it! First it's the people who decide to give away something. Ok sometimes that something is true junk but mostly it's good stuff (I know, Sanford). Second it's such a great way to benefit someone who may need something but has to spend money on a tank of gas instead of paying retail. Third I find that givers are a fun natured people; they smile more, they appreciate more. Fourth I think that many items don't belong in landfills; our earth is precious and so is an item that can be saved or enjoyed as-is. Fifth (how long am I going to go on?) is that when there is giving and receiving the movement is a type of "pay it forward"; at some point the receiver will remember that special feeling of getting something only for the asking and will in turn become a giver. So I guess giving things for free really pays, or letting go of something means you get something in return, or it really IS easy being green (sorry, Kermit). Mahalo.


That soft snore was me. Yup, I laid down for "just a minute" when putting my kids to bed and the next thing I knew it was 1:30am. Not much going on here at that hour, pretty boring, so I put myself back to sleep and woke with the alarm at 7am. I got up with a bounce in my step, a smile on my face, and had a really good day. It's now 8:30pm and I'm dragging a bit but it's not that saggy dragging like when you lose your train of thought and start typing letters that together could be a nursery rhyme in a foreign language, or mindlessly eat a sticky note instead of the cracker at your desk. It's more like "Yes! I accomplished a lot today and I get to stay up until 2am because I went to bed so early yesterday!" That's how it works, right? Mahalo.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Digiscrapping Rules!

Made with Miss Mint's kits Playground Pop and Twinkle Toes available at Peppermint Creative

I amazed myself and put up some links on the right side of my blog (see them, hunh? hunh?). I used to be a paper scrapper and have an overflowing cardboard box of paper pages and seven heavy albums to show for it. Now it's all digital, baby. My digital camera captures each waking moment of our lives, well practically, and I create "pages" on the computer using digital elements found at the sites I've listed and others. Most of the time I work with Freebies being created and generously given away by extremely talented digi-artists, but when I have a spare dime you bet I'm digi-shopping furiously and adding to my digi-collection. I will be adding more links as time goes on, not all of them digiscrapping (would I please stop saying "digi"???) so come back and scan the right side for my personal digi-street signs (ooops) for the great online highway. You-know-What Rules! Mahalo.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I get it

I don't like to cook. I don't like to plan meals. Every day it's a new adventure into boxes of dry goods or the freezer or fridge. What can I serve or eat that requires zero preparation? Not much besides fresh fruit and veggies but I have kids so you know I can't get away with serving fresh, healthy food all the time, they just won't let me. The toaster and microwave get a heavy workout when Dad's not home (he's the Cookie). I know where our pots, pans, bowls and such are because that's I prefer to do, organize the cabinets so they look nice. But the stove has been craving attention and the crockpot has been neglected long enough. I actually browned some ground beef the other day and it wasn't the hassle I was expecting. I can do this. I get it.

Spur of the moment garage sale today. I've organized three, 1-2-3, this year so this was the last time, really (no, really). There's a healthy pile of donations in the driveway because today was a bust. The least amount of traffic ever. Where were my peeps? Those faithful yardsalers not looking for anything in particular but loving "it" when they see "it", the diehard negotiators talking me down from three dollars, the fun ones who tell me all my stuff is "really nice", they did not pull up. They abandoned me today. Now I'm left with some items I originally planned to refinish but I put them out there anyway, hoping for a quick buck. Hmmm, maybe I wasn't abandoned. Maybe my faithfuls want me to work, to quit the planning and start the doing. All's forgiven, I get it (no, really). Mahalo.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mom, Mama, Mommy (!)

It all comes down to me. "Mama, come quick!" "Mommy, I need you!" "Mom, can you (this that or the other) right now?" I have the nerve to reply "I'll be right there, honey" which doesn't cut it, neither does "Just a second." It seems they need the future now because they want to transport me to their sides in a moment's notice. It doesn't phase them that I just picked up the phone, am in the bathroom, or perhaps am driving in traffic. Kids need attention, I know this, and silly me thought they got enough during our waking hours. However my mom thinks like the kids (regression?) in order to remind me of this every time she visits. Thank goodness for removed family members dropping by to give lectures of obvious information. And my husband comes up with questions about the state of our household after being gone for 12 or more hours. Where would I be without them today? Perhaps the transporter could get me to the islands! Mahalo.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Whoosh, another day gone

(c) SKline 2007

My youngest had his first day of soccer camp today and I believe we have a perfectionist on our hands. He had a mini-meltdown during the first few minutes because "I'm not good, Mommy!" I didn't pick him up physically as he wanted but instead supported his mental state by shifting focus to what he was doing well, like running and kicking, and letting him take all the water breaks he wanted. Turns out we both got a good workout, ended up sweaty and happy. Boom, day one done.

Back to school night was such a positive experience tonight. My eldest filmed the night for one of his classes and it was heartwarming to hear his name announced by the principal as she spoke a special thank you to the students behind the cameras. I think he's found a niche, something that sparks his creativity and interest. He'd better edit out his shots of me smoothing my hair "for, like, 3 minutes, Mom. What were you doing?" Bam, that's a wrap.

What? It's 10:30p? Whoosh, another day gone. Mahalo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

King me, film me, race me

My daughter and I played four games of checkers yesterday and the girl's got skill! My younger son tossed the pieces around the living room before we set up so we only found 8 each but those left still made a thoughtful competition. She was wildly running the board with 1 king against my 5 five kings by the end of every match. I couldn't let my guard down! We had fun comparing our ages in the end, a 6 yo giving a 40yo a run for her money, and I know soon enough the king ratio will be reversed. I suppose I'll have to share that when it comes, too.

My oldest son is wild about his new passion, film (or digital as the kids use now days). He has made movies with his friends and now he gets to learn editing and more at school! He's got a knack for imaginative play, even wrote a short play when he was only 8, so I'm really pleased he's getting some proper education on the subject. Next year he'll hopefully be enrolled in the tech academy at the high school (high school?! ACK!) and will continue to flourish in the arts.

The baby, excuse me, the big boy, my youngest, is car crazy. I've never known anyone so into one type of toy but he's been attached to vehicles since he could grasp one in his hand. The movie CARS has been played so often we know all the lines, but it's still a fun to watch. He's been so focused that each person in our family has been affected by his passion. When I drive around town I'll stop and take pictures of older model vehicles, even his big sister will drive along his imaginary roads with his Matchbox collection. Soon enough he'll be parking a fixer-upper in the driveway and working on it with Daddy. I guess I'll be the one finding free parts for them.

The best of all, to me, is that the three of them love books. Guess who found an 8 foot bookshelf unit to hold all their reading treasures? Mahalo.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Don't laugh at me

Somewhere in the world right now I can feel that something is being given away for free. I'll take it! I don't mean to be a hoarder. I don't mean to clutter the hall or yard. Big plans to sell it, refinish it, or replace something I already have with it, or just add it to my collection. I had a zero waste mentality before it was green to be so. One day when I have an established business recovering and selling old, well loved, gracefully restored (or not) pieces, then who will be the one laughing? In the meanwhile I think it's funny my friend Missy calls me "Sanford", remember that old junk yard? Happy memories watching that show. Sanford? I'll take it! Mahalo.

A breeze in my hair

Ahhh, cooler weather so I'm feeling better in my own skin. Never been able to handle extreme heat and it was bearing down later last week. I asked friends for advice to stay cool, and keep my clothes wet in front of a fan was a popular response (with a reminder to be inside the house for that one), also using something cold on my neck. I actually had laid down with a blue freezer pack under my head - best rest I'd had in a while! Remember, I'm the one who wears flip flops in winter and doesn't own a coat LOL!

So I'm having a good day but my youngest is still working on it. His morning was fun with friends and play but at a certain point he just became too rough and bad words (among them the "H word", for hate) were too frequent. I thought it best to leave for home and get some lunch. He was not having it and so produced screams heard down the block, I'm sure. I kept my cool, pretty proud of that. Then again, it's easier for me to deal with tantrums when I know their source. He was tired and needed to eat, pretty simple. Why bother fighting a 4yo who doesn't even realize what he's doing? All's quiet now after mac-n-cheese and some quiet time at home. See? I knew it ;-)

Now, if I could only figure out how to never have tantrums myself.

One way I am able to get a calm mind is to meditate on teachings I've received over the last couple years. If you've never tried meditation, with or without a spiritual path, I highly recommend it as a way to become more in tune with who you are, what you truly want to show and do in the world. After each meditation session I look back to an upset and think "What was my problem?" Pretty neat.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally a place to let it out!

Blog - who'da thunk? Honestly? I can't wait to pour out all those happy, annoying, creative thoughts that roll around my head, keeping me from doing daily chores with a Stepford smile. I just don't get how some people can go day to day and not really have much to say. I like to talk back! Ok, ok, now don't laugh, I know that's obvious, but here there's no need to answer questions as the thoughts come out, that much I love! Of course, then there's the fact that I'm staring at the computer screen, not a human face. Not a new notion to me (can you say computer addict?) but maybe this will turn into speech writing practice so I can stand on my soapbox and deliver to living beings. I said maybe. This could also lead to me sitting in a closet, locked from the inside, with fingers to the nub as I type madly to drown out the sounds of the real world. Ya think?

My first subject is why I love the internet so much. I don't feel the distance when I type to a friend across the country. I smile and make those "hunh?" faces even though no one's watching. I literally LOL (laugh out loud) sometimes and I love that! I also get emotional over a friend's bad news or sad articles that come to me from around the world. I type in my tears, my hugs, my laughter and concern. Sometimes I'm in my pj's, so who knows? That doesn't matter, it's the human touch in the words I type and receive that fill my heart. Those who know me well know that I don't like crowds but here I am in the biggest crowd there is, the world wide web. I'm glad it's here and I hope to use it well. So far, so good. Dumb jokes from my dad, requests for pictures from my mom, a daily trip to The Board (I'll let you in on this later), my latest addiction Craigslist, IMs from my husband at his desk on the other side of the house, looking up answers to those questions from my kids that stump me until I say "Let's look it up on the internet!", and local resources to keep this world of ours going green. My typing skills have been retained since I quit working FT 7 years ago so that tells you about my nubbed fingers reference. I backspace, delete, quit, ever the editor over my own words, but I finally get out what I want to say, aren't you all glad?

I chose my blog name by using the Hawaiian language to say "Thank you very much". Those who know me, know why. Mahalo a nui loa.